It has been for more than 50 years IED is committed to getting to know young people, communicating with the local area and stimulating exchanges of interest between different generations. Today it renews its commitment and does so through the campaign with the claim Learn to see, look beyond, reaffirming its ability to propose new thought models aimed at interpreting the future to stimulate a “change of pace”.

Learn to see, look beyond

“We feel the urgent need to train a generation of passionate, attentive, sensitive and world-changing people. We are living in a period of great acceleration and unexpected events, which humanity was not ready to face.. We believe in young people and in future generations. Our role is precisely to help them discover their strength and to provide the right tools, to encourage them to look beyond and not stop at the known territory, to have the desire to find new ways and solve old problems. In a word, becoming a designer “, declares Emanuele Soldini, Director of IED Italy.

Learn to see, look beyond

The creative idea of ​​the campaign is expressed in six images for six subjects, each of which seeks a silent one visual dialogue with the observer, challenging him to see a hidden potential, a prospect of breaking with the schemes of the “first glance”. From stone to marble statues, from the flock of sheep to the pack of wolves, from the pile of wood to the row of colored pencils: these are some simple and everyday images that refer to potentially opposite worlds. An invitation not to stop at appearances, to question oneself and to develop a different thought that reflects one’s being to give shape to one’s creativity. If today prejudice, conventions and everyday habits represent an obstacle along the path of innovation, the commitment of IED is to overcome them by training the mind: to educate to a new look, it is necessary to stimulate new points of view.

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