The fashion of sandals of summer 2021 focuses on flat comfort: we saw it in the fashion show with exotic looks and now we are ready to wear these shoes even in the city.

The sandals made in Italy

Italian village you go, leather sandal you find. The art of working leather often becomes a refined souvenir to wear even after returning from holidays. These are small shops to discover during a weekend or a planned holiday: captured by the quantity of shoes piled up in front of the window with the ancient sign, when you walk through the door you are literally intoxicated by the intense scent of leather. Behind the counter of the shop the craftsman is concentrated in sewing or shaping a model, we intent on understanding what he will never make.

The intrinsic value of each handmade sandal is most appreciated by international tourists who can’t wait to discover the craftsmanship: Americans, French and even Australians, when they discover an artisan workshop, they can’t wait to dive to come to contact with a small world that has a lot to learn. We Italians take it a little for granted: yet the craft shop is a very important cultural and territorial resource.

It represents our roots, our history but also our creativity and desire to experiment. The craftsman knows how to find the most suitable solution for the person: the leather that recreates a precise effect, the most suitable shape for the foot, as well as the unique detail that makes it special, sweet memory of asummer.

Italian artisans are a source of inspiration for stylists and shoe designers

Contemporary creatives have sensed the potential of the aesthetics of these handmade shoes and so they have declined them in the sandals of summer 2021, transforming them into a real trend.

Seamless leather straps, intertwining and knots to adorn the foot, some jewel details such as chains, medals and charms to personalize the shoe and give a magical jingle to each step. It is the charm of the exotic, where the simplicity of a material such as leather can make even a pair of palazzo trousers or a pair of trousers chic low cost long dress. Not only that: it can even adorn the legs if you opt for a model with very long laces that climb up the calves.

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