The hashtag “crystal healing” on Instagram has already exceeded six million posts, but do not think it is the exclusive prerogative of ascetic spirits. Indeed, while the question of diamonds in 2020 it registered a decline, the colored stones are in great dust. A few months ago, the colorful collection of minerals belonging to the American collector Hester Diamond – sculptural tourmalines, bubble gum-colored rhodochrosites, amazing pyrites – auctioned off from Sotheby’s figures well above estimates. Evidently, today, a large rose quartz can exert the same fascination as a designer bag, and also Marco Panconesi – founder of the jewelry brand of the same name and design director of Swarovski – confirms that he would buy one or the other with the same intention; not only for the aesthetic side of minerals – “literally one of a kind”, he says – but for that magical aura that semiprecious stones carry with them. “When we communicate our collections, we do not explicitly refer to their magical, protective and therapeutic attributes, however I like to think that they are part of a culture shared by those who choose Panconesi jewels”. For some time, the thirty-two-year-old Florentine-born designer has begun to think of a series of encyclopedic tables inspired by ancient lapidaries, where he can collect refined minerals and guide models for his creativity.

A creation by Marco Panconesi (photo Thomas Cristiani; stylist Georgia Pendlebury; art director Antoine Ro).

How did you choose the stones?
These plates are studies, and the selection includes our iconic stones and others more researched. I am generally attracted to specimens with inclusions, flaws – in other words, with a personality. Precisely because natural forms shy away from perfection, it is the organic effects of nature that we celebrate and recreate through artisanal processes.

One of the encyclopedic tables designed by Marco Panconesi and inspired by the ancient lapidaries (photo Romain Roucoules).

What do you mean when you say that you have a great interest in the hidden side of things?
I have an archaeologist’s approach: I go beyond appearances to decipher codes and meanings. I think the same happens with stones: although the choice is guided by aesthetic criteria, I cannot ignore the fact that each one has properties that are associated with different parts of the body: based on the color they enter into relationship with the seven chakras, that is, they exercise action on a physical and spiritual level.

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Read the full interview in the May issue of Vogue Italia, on newsstands from May 5th

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