Chiara Ferragni: loved, venerated, discussed, hated and even envied. And yet, despite the judgment on each of her looks or decisions, the most famous Italian influencer does today 34 years. Always one step ahead of colleagues, the definition of “blogger” or “influencer” is reductive: the docufilm Unposted – shot by director Elisa Amoruso and presented at the Venice Film Festival – unveiled a more intimate portrait that sheds light on the shadows of the professional “divorce” with ex-boyfriend Riccardo Pozzoli, as well as the dynamics of a life seasoned between numbers of views / likes, communication and marketing dynamics, jet lag stress and new projects involving his trusted crew. Achieving success, being famous and being the head of a company that bears your own name is not all “roses and flowers”. It can be said that the moments of fragility that have studded his path have been transformed into pure energy.

We can open a debate on his figure, the web people are divided with a cold blade of opinions and judgments, but one fact is certain: he has certainly deeply marked the digital revolution, the world of communication and of doingfemale entrepreneurship. Today, on his 34th birthday, we remember some of the highlights of his rise.

In the beginning there was the blog

A salad of me”, This is how Chiara Ferragni explains the name of the blog: a diary of her life and above all of her looks.

Venice, from the first red carpet to the docufilm

The first designer to believe in her potential is Alberta Ferretti who chooses her to walk the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival in 2011. She will be invited several times for the well-known cinema event, but in 2019 Chiara Ferragni arrives in the lagoon to present the docufilm about his life.

The party girl

Last year the birthday was celebrated in a “home” way: numerous bouquets of flowers, a romantic dinner on the terrace and a cake worthy of the best cake designer. This year we are sure that the Ferragnez will give us a photo shoot in the family, with Leone and little Vittoria in her arms. In the past, however, the icon of The Blonde Salad has shown that she knows how to celebrate with themed parties, showing off looks worthy of the best party girl.

You will surely remember two birthdays: the one in Gardaland, when the amusement park was renamed in Chiaraland, and that of 30 years. The turning 30 was celebrated with a private party: she is the protagonist in a very short dress oroton, while the hardbacks with her best outfits were the cadeau for the guests; the branded carriage of the Milan-Venice train (even the ticket with his portrait); the red fruit birthday cake; and finally the marriage proposal at the live concert of Fedez complete with a song written for the bride-to-be.

The modern business woman: the brand and charity activities

The secret of success is a mix of ingredients: perfect timing, high communication skills, a passion for fashion, a future-oriented look and a lot of resourcefulness. After starting a brand that bears her name, which as a logo portrays her sky-blue eye, Chiara Ferragni has become main ambassador of the campaign #PomellatoForWomen, while in 2020 it started a major one fundraiser to fight Covid-19, with the help of her husband Fedez, and inaugurated with their donation of 100 thousand euros, to support the intensive care of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan (so much so as to deserve the Ambrogino d’Oro of the Milanese city The commitment does not end here: because the news of the entry of the influencer in the Board of Directors of Tod’s to develop important charity activities; as he commented the same Diego Della ValleTogether we will try to build solidarity and support projects for those who need it most, raising awareness and involving the new generations more and more in operations of this type.“.

The Ferragnez family: wife of Fedez, mother of Leone and Vittoria

It all began in 2016 with the song I would like but not place which reads “Chiara Ferragni’s dog has a Vuitton bow tie and a collar with more glitter than an Elton John jacket“; she ironically replies with a video and immediately afterwards he replies, joking (or maybe not) “Chiara shall we make it up?“. Shortly after they are spotted at the restaurant of Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa in Milan. Rumors, gossip and then the photo in October 2016 that portrays them together.

The first photo together in Paris

The “marketing” couple – for some – the “pop dream” for others, the fact remains that Chiara and Fedez share a series of couple photos on Instagram: a public relationship that reaches its climax with the declaration of marriage on stage (remember, it’s the influencer’s 30th birthday!). A year of preparations to celebrate the wedding of the Ferragnez (she in a beautiful Dior haute couture dress), the arrival of Lion and now for the little one Victory.

We are sure that Chiara Ferragni’s 34th birthday will be among the best, one of those moments that she will hardly forget. With or without party. Best wishes!

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