Cartier, i jewelry more beautiful than royal houses

Since the dawn of time, the history of royal houses has intersected with many other stories, those of those who have placed their know-how at the service of those who for fame and power would have made it shine even longer and further away.

An example for all, the turn that the music of the famous Italian composer Domenico Scarlatti took, who found himself following the fate of his pupil, the Portuguese princess Maria Magdalena Barbara, who later became queen of Spain, enriched her arsenal with the timbres of guitars, mandolin, drums and other instruments present in Spanish folk dances. The story of the princess then queen was heavily intertwined with that of the Italian harpsichordist and composer.

Art and real. Joys, kings and queens. In 1847 Louis Cartier founded the maison in Paris Cartier; about half a century later, in 1904, King Edward VII defines Cartier “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers”And appoints the maison as its official supplier, as will other European courts including Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

Empress Alexandra, Cartier necklace

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It is 1859 the year in which theempress Eugenia becomes a customer of the boutique and begins that tradition of kings, queens and emperors that will characterize the entire history of the maison. There tiara Cartier entered the Spanish royal jewels book in the 1920s, when Queen Victoria Eugenia commissioned it from the maison because she wanted an elegant but light jewel to wear. The Parisian jeweler creates this creation with a central “aigrette” in platinum and white diamonds surmounted by a large white pearl and three diamond curls with another pearl in the center. This jewel will adorn the head of Sofia of Spain, mother of Philip VI, the current king of Spain.

In 1904 Cartier made the tiara Khedivé worn by all the Princesses of Denmark on the occasion of their wedding. It is a necklace made up of sinuous scrolls in platinum and diamonds whose last appearance is on the royal garment of the Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

It is 1907 the year in which Maria Bonaparte she sports the Cartier tiara in platinum and diamonds, currently kept in the Qatar Museums, and the Cartier tiara dates back to 1907, this time dotted with pearls and round, antique-cut diamonds.

There tiara Halo it was made by Cartier in 1936, it was bought by the Duke of York (later King George VI) for his wife (the future queen mother) three weeks before their coronation. It has a cascade of 16 decorations with the two central ones surmounted by a diamond and as a whole it contains 739 brilliants and 149 diamonds. Princess Margaret of England he loved to wear it in pendant with the rose-shaped brooch, also created by Cartier, which contains the famous Williamson pink diamond in the center, considered one of the most beautiful pink diamonds in the world. The tiara was given to Elizabeth on the occasion of her 18th birthday and in 2011 it was lent to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge for her wedding at Westminster Abbey to Prince William. The Cartier tiara of the Queen Mother, composed of, always belong to the personal collection of Queen Elizabeth II rubies, emeralds is sapphires, the pair of Cartier’s ivy brooches, the Greville candlestick earrings and the Greville teardrop earrings, worn by Princess Diana in 1983 on the occasion of her official visit to Australia.

Among the most famous Cartier jewels we cannot omit those worn by Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor: a must, the wonderful panther bracelet in onyx and diamonds and the flamingo brooch, the body in diamonds, the feathers all in emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

The story of the two is very famous (ohibò due) engagement rings, both signed Cartier, which Ranieri gave to his future bride. The first, the eternity band in rubies and diamonds, and the second, an emerald-cut diamond of almost 11 carats. The first donated to Grace Kelly while the latter was turning Hunt the Thief directed by Hitchcock; the second, who officially entered the scene during the filming of High Society!

Without neglecting the tiara Cartier, which also belonged to Grace Kelly, formed by three diamond leaves with a cabochon ruby ​​in the center, convertible into a necklace or removable in three different brooches, all three breathtaking.

It is evident here more than ever how and to what extent those who make the jewels and those who wear them illuminate each other and, what is more extraordinary, for centuries and centuries.

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