It is no mystery that, of all his children, Philip had one fondness for Princess Anna not just for the well-known preferential ties that unite father and daughter. The princess, in fact, has always shown that she inherited from her father some elements of her character that he found indispensable qualities: unscrupulous and unshakable fortitude.

In fact, it is no coincidence that Anna, among all the children of the Queen Elizabeth II he was born in Prince Philip, was the princess who most of all embodied a “very British” idea of ​​the royal family: a direct character, without frills, decisive, extremely lively and with enough self-esteem to be able to face rumors, rumors and even the intrusiveness of the tabloids .

This being the case, it should not be surprising that it is precisely the name of Anna that is turning in these days in the corridors of the building and in those of the headquarters of the United Kingdom armed forces: after having taken over from Harry the title of Captain General of the Royal Marines (title that was taken away from the duke after his step-back), it is now possible that the princess will be awarded all the patronages and vacant roles that, until today, were the responsibility of her father Filippo, disappeared on April 9, and his nephew Duke of Sussex who decided to “divorce” the royals.

“It would make perfect sense,” said Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, founder of the British Monarchists Society, pointing out that Anna has “the respect of the military.” In fact, Anna has always been recognized as the most active member of the royals and the one with the greatest sense of duty even if, perhaps, Philip’s 992 honorary posts could be really too many for Anna alone. Or maybe not…

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