Astrology it has nothing to do with destiny “says Susan Miller. «It suggests when to act and when, instead, it is better to wait, and reveals the talents on which to bet. But it has nothing to do with predestination ”.

Since 1995, his horoscopes have influenced the lives of millions of people around the world. With the site Astrology Zone, which has six million unique users and 100 million clicks per month, and its articulated forecasts (even more than 100 pages long), Susan Miller, second generation astrologer who lives in New York on the Upper East Side, has won a host of followers – including characters such as Marc Jacobs, Raf Simons, Pharrell Williams, Jennifer Aniston and Kirsten Dunst. He sleeps five hours a night («It’s my secret wellness’ recipe ‘») and prefers to write while eating a Dunkin’ Donut («Preferably at Starbucks because the tables are lower and more comfortable for taking notes»).

Growing up in a family of Sicilian origins, Miller defines herself a philosopher «who uses astrology to understand the mysteries of life, because life is a mystery ». And she says she studied astrology for 12 years, learning the basics from her mother when, as a child, a chronic illness forced her to stay still for long periods. “I just wanted to know if I would be able to walk again. That’s why I begged her to teach me, but she kept beating around the bush, saying, “You don’t have to tell anyone you know astrology until I think you’re really ready. Do not talk about it with others, it is not well seen ”». And after having touched death (“Having died on the table”) during a surgical procedure as a girl, the American astrologer has developed, perhaps by contrast, a particularly effervescent personality: she is instinctively optimistic and tries to balance her predictions with a healthy dose of realism.

Sixteen years after the launch of Astrology Zone, today that TikTok is teeming with horoscope experts and that to evaluate any type of relationship we turn to the stars, to say that the approach towards astrology has radically changed is an understatement. “Nobody gets hooked on astrology right away. Instinctively one wonders how everything that is said can be true, but then we get involved and the study of the astral geometry of the lunar cycles, on which our whole life is also based, is pure mathematics. But social media has changed everything. Once upon a time you had to go to a shop, buy a magazine, a book, you had to read, study. And then there was still a lot of reticence to talk about it, especially among men ».

Susan Miller in a portrait by Weston Wells, an American photographer who has immortalized some great personalities of our time.

© Weston Wells

On the relationship between Susan Miller and the world of fashion, there are various stories and anecdotes that have become almost legendary. Second The Cut there are several renowned stylists and photographers who don’t start shooting without first reading his predictions for the day of the shooting. Glenn O’Brien, for example, appears to have consulted Miller before buying a new car.

“I told Cynthia Rowley not to show the week she planned to do so because Mercury was retrograde,” says the astrologer, “she risked having problems with the models: someone could get sick, and maybe another could get dyed. hair of an absurd color. I told her it would be less stressful to parade at another time, without Mercury in relegation, and so she did ».

Its most enthusiastic readers also include top managers in media, fashion and tech, almost all based in Los Angeles (unsurprisingly), New York and London. The power and prestige that Miller enjoys in the world of creativity is truly amazing. «Creative people live creatively. It’s like when you sew: you start from a fabric and wonder what you could do with it, how you could make it even more beautiful. Astrology, with its complex structure does the same: it helps to collect ideas, to imagine more than one answer and to find the one that suits everyone. Nobody knows life better than himself. Stylists have to please customers and their investors, which is why they are always under pressure. And it is normal that they want to know if the future will be okay. Knowing what the stars are saying can be very reassuring ».

When it comes to the pandemic, however, Miller’s voice changes tone. “I didn’t expect it. I couldn’t have: if you don’t ask a specific question to the astral charts, you can’t get the specific answer. Unfortunately, I believe that the situation will last a little longer ». But we must be confident: «It seems that 2022 will bring an extraordinary artistic production. Neptune and Jupiter, who will both be in Pisces next year, will cross each other on April 12, which is an extremely rare and very positive aspect. Pisces are the sign of creativity: Neptune will be in Pisces and Jupiter will rule Pisces, therefore important overlapping of cycles will occur, all very favorable ».

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