White magic, May and rebirth

Perhaps not everyone knows that May is the month dedicated to magic, but to the good one, the one that is good for you. Let’s start with the name: May derives from the goddess Maia, the great mother earth that blooms and triumphs in this season. Yes, all true, but there is also a much more mysterious root that refers to the state of “Mag”, or a phase of magical purity given by white magic, or that moved by loving intentions, the one that points to the well-being and evolution of the individual.

But why would white magic, the beneficial one, be linked to this month? The zodiac it is like a living being, it is the snake that goes around the year, a Ouroboros that describes the process of life. It is necessary to know that in philosophical astrology Pisces and Aries they are considered not very embodied signs: the first, in fact, dissolves and ends the zodiac, the second is instead the explosion that precedes the formation, it is the Big Bang. For this we can therefore say that the zodiac ends with Aquarius and begins with Taurus.

In May there is the strength of the early morning (the part of the day connected to Taurus), that is the moment in which the bodies are energetically powerful because they have recharged during the night. The natural perfection of Venus (that of the golden section), planetary lady of the month, tells us that this is the ideal time.

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When does the Taurus sign the earth is created: but it does so thanks to the purity of the fire yang of Aries, which is completely pure (unlike the fire of Leo which is soiled by the ego, or by the fire of Sagittarius stained by the ambition of surpassing).

In the moment of Taurus (May) nature enjoys a special force that gives life through dew. In ancient times, in May all the divinities linked to the Earth were celebrated, from Maia to Floralia, all those magical rituals allowed the individual to open a gap between the visible and invisible world, thus establishing an “intimate” relationship with Nature.

May 1st, now Labor Day, coincided with the celebration of moment that is exactly halfway between vernal equinox and summer solstice (just as November 1st indicates the intermediate time between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice), a date charged with astronomical and energetic meanings.

Not surprisingly, the Church celebrates the sacraments at this time of the year, and not so much for the good weather, but because now everything is blessed, everything is favored. Maggio is also dedicated to Mary, Mater materia, to the divine feminine.

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In this time it is a belief that the divine power pours into matter, and the ancient alchemists experimented right under the sign of Taurus. But what happens instead at the opposite time of the year, in November?

On the opposite side of the zodiac have the “black sign”, Scorpio, the one under whose dominion nature decomposes, in which the forces go towards the end and annihilation, in which the magical expression is charged with evil intentions through black magic (the one through which you try to control things and people for your own interest, for power or material wealth).

Like May 1, November 1 could also open a gap between the visible and the invisible world, but in the second case it is a matter of Halloween, of the time when the Earth opens (to receive rain) and the underworld comes out to mingle with the living.

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