Tallulah Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, has grown up and will soon be getting married to Dillon Buss. The third child of one of the most talked about 90s couples has in fact announced the wedding with a post on Instagram, showing theengagement ring. From the shared photos you can see the declaration of love: her boyfriend knelt in the garden showing the jewel in a blue box, she gasped and literally jumped into Dillon’s arms.

Soon after, Demi Moore’s daughter shared a video showing the wonderful engagement ring: a gold solitaire with emerald cut diamond, the size of a candy, it shines between the tattooed fingers and with brushstrokes of green enamel.

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Tallulah and Dillon, two best friends who get married

He too does not hold back from happiness and so he posted a photo gallery dedicated to his future bride: the public statement is more lukewarm “I can finally call you my girlfriend. I will always love you Buuski Lu, you are my best friend“. It is certainly important to have a solid relationship at the base of your marriage, but a wife or a lover is not alone “a best friend“. Could this be the reason why the future in-laws have not commented on the promise of love ?! Demi Moore and Bruce Willis even after the divorce they remained on good terms, two “friends” who even shared last year’s lockdown.

In any case, these photos certify Tallulah Willis’ full happiness in saying “Yes, I want“. Congratulations.

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