Today, May 6, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor turns two. A second birthday celebrated in the United States, exactly like the first, in company of dad Harry and mom Meghan on hold of the arrival of the little sister. To celebrate the second year of the son of the Dukes of Sussex, here are five “secrets” about Archie Mountbatten Windsor

1 His name is not a diminutive

No, Archie is not the diminutive of Archibald. The baby of the Sussex household was registered under the name of Archie. Specifically Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor. Archie was chosen by the couple as being derived from “arche” which means, in Greek, strength (while in this article you can find all the other meanings of the names of royal babies).

2 He’s a Taurus, and he’s not the only one in the family

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Archie Mountbatten was born under the sign of Taurus. A sign that tells of a strong, tenacious and thoughtful spirit. He is not the only one of the royal family, however, to have the strength of the constellation: with him too Charlotte, Louis and none other than the Queen Elizabeth II.

3 Its stone is the emerald

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According to the American Gem Society, Archie’s birthday stone would be the emerald: the gem, a symbol of rebirth, would guarantee luck, foresight and long life.

4 He has a very special bond with Eugenia and Beatrice

Archie Mountbatten Windsor was born at the Portland Hospital in Westminster even if, at first, Meghan would have preferred the hypothesis of home birth (as for the baby on the way). The Portland Hospital is the hospital where Eugenia and Beatrice were born which makes Archie, in some way, linked to his cousins.

5 He is the seventh in line of succession to the throne

Archie Mountbatten has no real title (which has sparked quite a few controversies), this does not mean that he cannot eventually become sovereign of the United Kingdom. Before him, however, in the line of succession are Carlo, William, George, Charlotte, Louis and his father Harry.

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