“Both me and Coco we love logos, symbols, fashion, perfumes and art. We both saw our work exhibited at Grand Palais, we both love flowers. Today you are celebrating the 100th anniversary of your supreme icon, the N ° 5, and I use the symbol “100” as a comment on social media! ».

Over these two decades, Katherine Bernhardt’s work has created an iconography of unmistakable immediacy. Obsessive repetitions and spontaneous associations of symbols and objects generate patterns that at the same time seem to celebrate and condemn the overstimulation of today’s society.

In his tributes to Chanel for this issue of Vogue Italia, six large canvases, Bernhardt welcomes the challenge of mixing the icons of the house that inspired the project: the lion, Coco’s zodiac sign, the number 100, the beloved camellia and the iconic bottle. Citing his muse, Bernhardt reminds us that “a woman who does not wear perfume has no future”.

From Vogue Italia, n. 848, May 2021

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