Call it a sequel, call it reboot, call it revival, call it second chapter or new era: the future of Sex and The City officially kicked off and the new adventures of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte are ready to land on HBO Max.

At the moment the expected title will no longer recall the iconic Sex and The City but a more contemporary one And Just Like That… . Confirmed the protagonists of the original series Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon is Kristin Davis just as the absence of Kim Cattrall who really didn’t want to hear reasons to reunite with ex-colleagues. But how will it solve the absence of Samantha the production of the series?

To tell the truth, the problem apparently doesn’t even exist: as Casey Bloys, president of programming at HBO said, referring to the fact that the revival will jump years ahead of the latest film incarnation of the series, ” real life, people go, people come “.

However, Samantha’s void will be well filled by an interesting and relevant novelty factor: it seems that the production is planning the arrival of six other figures in the cast, three sporadic and three fixed and not white. On the other hand Sex and The City it had a huge success precisely because it was able to tell the reality of a city and an age group for what it was, without unnecessary filters and various sweetenings. The opening towards a more inclusive cast from this point of view is not dictated by any “political” choices but by the state of affairs and the reality of society.

At this point we just have to wait to see the first photos from the set. And also answer the question that everyone asks: will Mr. Big be back? Or not?

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