The day when Riccardo Tisci debuted his first collection for Burberry it was September 17th, and the clock showed 5pm. Since then, on the 17th of each month, the historic British brand launches a limited edition capsule collection, an initiative that, ça va sans dire, kicked off on October 17th. In spite of the inauspicious reputation it enjoys in Italy, there is no doubt that 17 is dear to the designer: already at the time when he drew Givenchy, had created a series of T-shirts featuring graphic patterns in which that number stood out, complemented by extra large crystals. Proud to be born under the sign of Leo, in an interview for the New York Times Tisci related his zodiac symbol to his enormous success in the fashion industry, going so far as to confess that he regularly associates with psychics and fortune tellers. The newspaper revealed that ‘in Europe, his horoscope favorite is the Italian one from Fox. In New York, on the other hand, Mr. Tisci likes to consult a tarot reader in Brooklyn ».

Tisci is certainly not the only one of the great fashion designers to have been seduced by the growing popularity of vaguely New Age practices such as astrology, tarot reading, crystal therapy and spirituality. Tom Ford, on whose bedside table stands a copy of Tao Te Ching (“Book of the Way and Virtue”), a classic of spiritual literature, stated in an interview for The Talks that “of all things, nature is the closest to God, and I am not speaking of ‘God’ in the religious sense, but I am referring to our connection with the universe, a bond that I believe we have lost”.

Michèle Lamy at L’Eclaireur’s Grand Opening Cocktail Party in Los Angeles in September 2016.


Michèle Lamy attended the office of a dentist with a “New Age” vocation who used a holistic amalgam of gold and diamonds to “enhance the light” of his dental apparatus, while Naomi Campbell revealed that he possesses an incalculable number of crystals and that he never sets out on a journey without having at least two stones with him.

How can we forget, then, the A / W 2018 fashion show by The Row, when each of the spectators present received as a gift a black tourmaline as large as the palm of a hand and white quartz crystals that guaranteed to “reject and block negative energies”, as well as “create a balance between the mental, emotional , physical and spiritual “, explained by the brand.

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Opening: in the name of 17 the menswear collection A / W 2014-15 by Givenchy designed by Riccardo Tisci.

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