Mother Earth is the talk featuring a mother, Marina Di Guardo and his daughters, Francesca and Valentina Ferragni, interviewed by the director of Vanity Fair, Simone Marchetti.

United by a bond of blood and heart, a few days after Mother’s Day, will talk about their special relationship and the importance of passing on values ​​and traditions from generation to generation. They will reflect on the current meaning of being a mother and of being a daughter. Francesca and Valentina will tell which are the values that they inherited from their mother and that, one day, they will pass on in turn.

Some will also reveal beauty tips, because the most effective gestures are those taught by a mother. One of them is Terracotta, the first bronzer powder launched by Guerlain and which this year is renewed with a new formula al 96% natural ingredients and attentive to the environment, precisely to continue to be a timeless beauty accessory, to be handed down from mother to daughter. Not only that, the new version of Terracotta respects Nature and with its delicate sun-kissed effect it lights up the face, helps women reveal their natural beauty.

Marina, who has always been a lover of Terracotta, passed on this beauty secret to her daughters who recognized the unmistakable scent of powder is they “stole” it from their mother to give their face natural brightness.

Marina Di Guardo is the author of thriller novels and mother of Chiara, Valentina and Francesca Ferragni, who has always encouraged them to pursue their dreams and with whom she shares many followers on Instagram. Francesca Ferragni, 32, is Chiara’s younger sister. She followed in her father’s footsteps and became a Doctor of Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics and in 2020 she specialized in Oral Surgery. Valentina Ferragni is the smallest of the Ferragni sisters and has been part of the TBS Crew family.

For this special event, the make-up of the three protagonists is curated by Marco Iannucci, Guerlain National Make-up Artist. Also on the platform dedicated to the event it will be possible to see an exclusive video in which Marco talks about the 3 different make-ups made on the talents, revealing all the secrets of Guerlain’s Terracotta.

The appointment is scheduled for 6 May at 6 pm on the Vanity Stage platform, at the link, and streaming on Vanity Fair’s Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channels.

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