Chanel n ° 5 meets High Jewelery on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of perfume

The laboratory error, the scent of memories and then success. Chanel n ° 5 is the legendary fragrance it has dressMarylin Monroe she used to go to bed with only two drops – and told stories of women and men. Today that bottle, simple and essential, strongly desired by Gabrielle herself Chanel, has become a very important legacy not only for the golden content – whose recipe is secret – but also for its silhouette. The Maison, always faithful to its history and respective stylistic codes, has been able to project the iconic n ° 5 in a very precious and priceless collection ofHigh Jewelery (here the interview with Frédéric Grangié, President of Chanel Watches & Fine Jewelry, who exclusively told us about the birth of the unique piece, the 5555 necklace).

There Collection N ° 5, through the 123 flexible and architectural pieces, he offers his vision of the contrast between the graphics of the bottle and the sensuality of the fragrance.

The cap

The precious rectangular-shaped emerald cut recalls the place Vendôme. Exquisitely crafted in rock crystal or set with diamonds, onyx, pearls and yellow sapphires, the octagon becomes the subject of elegant and sophisticated pieces of High Jewelery.

The bottle

Immediately recognizable, the geometric silhouette of the bottle is visible through the lines of the diamonds and of sapphires yellow cascading on sautoir necklaces, brooches and dangling earrings. From these precious bottles emerge pear-shaped pink diamonds and morganite that flow on the skin like drops of a divine perfume.

The number 5

The outline of the “5” becomes one of the signatures of the collection, a joyful and irreverent quirk that alludes to Chanel’s numerology: it is wrapped in diamond ribbons and positioned asymmetrically, with a drop of amber topaz, the number has the same voluptuousness scented elixir.

The flowers

We have arrived at the heart of the fragrance: jasmine, May rose and ylang-ylang bloom on the jewelery sets. Worked to full volume, the bouquets retain all their delicacy, while the exquisite features – in the shape of a star, moon and sun – echo the symbols of the 1932 platinum and diamond collection. fields of Grasse, cradle of Chanel perfumery.

The sillage

To translate the olfactory revolution of Chanel No. 5 perfume, the Maison imagined pieces with abstract motifs that sparkle and soften on the body like drops of perfume. The sunny, amber colors of a sumptuous pair of 350-carat imperial topazes give a glowing, almost baroque air, while the diamonds shine with sparkling bounces on the neckline.

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