Last September we saw them go up on the catwalk Spring Summer 2021 and we fell in love with it instantly. The Valentino Garavani Roman Stud bags, with their characteristic maxi studs, and with their contemporary and irresistible design, they have been transformed in a very short time into the it bags of the season. IS so, the maison decided to dedicate them, together with another iconic piece, the Valentino Garavani Crochet sneakers, a very important project, because it sees the mixture of fashion and art.

It’s called Valentino Collezione Milano Painters ADV Campaign and it’s a campaign that features paintings and works of art created by 5 artists of international caliber who were asked to create works depicting the iconic accessories, sharing their vision and their style.

“Pierpaolo Piccioli continues to transmit the values ​​of authenticity and individuality by creating, and not imposing, a conversation with different communication channels and artists”, explains the brand. “A new method of delivering messages in which the viewer is enriched with feelings and beliefs. Pierpaolo Piccioli believes that art is a lens through which one can truly touch the nature of the most intimate feelings “.

Here is the Valentino Collezione Milano Painters ADV Campaign project told by the artists.

Alexis Ralaivao “The Clef

Alexis Ralaivao (France) – Credit: Laurent Grivet

© Laurent Grivet

“This project was a fantastic surprise for me and I couldn’t be happier. I love to paint clothes, especially shoes, moccasins. I have been wanting to paint a bag for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity! I was able to immediately imagine what it must be like. the painting. A woman reaching into her bag as she walks down the country roads. I wanted the bag to be held tight in her arms. I’m not sure why I had this scenario in my head, but I like the fact that is full of mystery. You can easily make your assumptions about what is happening here. Where is he, what is he looking for in his bag, where is he going? “.

Iori Nagashima: “青 い 雨”

Iori Nagashima (Japan) – Credit: Naoto Kobayashi @naotokobayashii

“The bag is the protagonist of the design, but I tried to make the scene very natural. I wanted to give a story to the painting, like in a novel or a movie, trying to capture a specific moment. The color of the bag is a beautiful ivory that stands out in the dark “.

Credit: Naoto Kobayashi @naotokobayashii

Louise Giovanelli: “Dominion”

Louise Giovanelli (UK) – Michael Pollard, @michaelpollardphotography

“I approached this project much as I do in my daily practice. My process for” Dominion “was to enlarge, isolate, crop and recontextualize – elements of the Valentino bag that I found visually more interesting and that I considered. have additional painterly potential. The painting is built on multiple transparent layers of single pigment colors, much like a print process, arriving at a deep, rich and chromatic black. What I want this painting to convey, is my concern for painting more generally, it is to focus on the ways of looking and perceiving. It was a privilege to have been chosen by Valentino for this project and to participate in such a high profile campaign, to further explore and highlight the influence that fashion can have on painting and vice versa “.

Michael Pollard, @michaelpollardphotography

Nahum Kim: “Roman Stud Space”

“I recently got into nature. I live in Gangneung, Gangwon-do, and it is full of natural elements that inspire me, such as trees, forests, seas and lakes. What I like most about living here is that I can always look at the stars at night. Looking at the stars makes me imagine the mystical universe and its infinite possibilities. When I first saw the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Bag, I thought the stud details evoked a variety of emotions as if I were staring at the stars ”.

Zhang Zihao: Untitled, 2021

Zhang Zihao (China) – Credit: Hogan

“Speaking of Valentino, I am thinking of the color red, and of course black is the perfect match. The faces belong to people I’ve actually met before, and I’ve given each of them a dress that suits their temperament according to my imagination. Since much of the painting is monochromatic, you can easily feel the tranquility and a flow of vitality, which enhances the texture of the crochet sneakers. There is no plot, most of my works are open to interpretation. The paintings are both personal and public. Vitality is a flow, don’t force it and everything will be fine ”.

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