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In this special issue, the gaze of the stars does not stop in May, but crosses spring, summer, autumn and reaches the end of the year. Precious synthesis, after a difficult first part for everyone, which announces openness, light, breath, the return of life. The stars promise, again, without feeling deceitful, the possibility of happiness. You enter the heart of spring with Mars in Cancer, which goes beyond the boundaries of the rational and logical and leads to atmospheres that are oases of sweetness and intimacy. Fantasy and imagination fly and challenge daily habits. Jupiter also confirms the triumph of the element-Water, remaining in Pisces until the end of July. Love returns to being magic and surprise, in the air the intense vagueness of scents that smell of spring, of absolute desire to live, free from chains of fear. Summer will be summer for everyone, declined in the various modalities of the sign. Saturn and again Jupiter will then return to Aquarius, a symbol of freedom and communication. Uranus will remain in Taurus, bringing back to action that concreteness that had stood still for months.

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You possess the vigor of a natural world that no technology can ever question. You are like the Flora of Botticelli. Spontaneous, smiling, confident, secure, indeed flourishing. What body and heart feel is incontrovertible truth. Femininity is charged with new energy. May and August will be the best months, with Mars and the fast planets defusing the problems created by Saturn. You can realize the magic of your essence, regain ground in work, experience emotional intensity without hesitation, be yourself to the fullest. Nobody can influence you. Your radiant and powerful aura is entirely up to you.


Nothing disturbs you, nothing disturbs you. Increase the pace. Jump over obstacles at a fast pace. Life is a fun game, fate puts the winning cards in your hand. You face it with momentum. Accelerate the rotation of the Earth, combining intelligence with a fantasy that gallops far beyond this world. Sparkling charge in all contexts. The boring reflections of those who insist on going slow will not stop you. In love, the spring breeze will last until the beginning of winter. Instant glance that doesn’t waste the opportunity. Jupiter and Saturn make you snappy. In love you will be daring that wastes no time.


The vision of life does not stop at appearances. Things as they are, heartless and affectionate, are banalities for you. The absence of negative planetary passages for the next few months, with Uranus in the pragmatic sextile, could generate an exhilarating vortex. Everyday life will be enriched with magic. You are one moon spirit, you will dive into the waters of a new dream, matter you live on. You are beauty in tune with the wonderful worlds of the unconscious, where a free imagination dominates. You will be able to go to that source in the coming months where everything seems to have been seen for the first time. Even in love you can let yourself go to amazement and wonder.


Desire is never indifference, it must always have a good dose of audacity in it. This is the line for the next few months. Do not be held back by the doubts of Saturn. Until November you will always have Mars on your side. You weren’t born to hold back, to stay squeezed within limits. You will regain the spirit that spreads, you will upset the canons, the thoughts in the mind will not come out even once composed like mannequins. Your heart is turmoil, an explosion that upsets, the desire to conquer something extraordinary. The skies, even of love, become a flame. What is measured, composed and calculated, you will make it glow.


The words in the next few months may even come out of your lips on their own. Thought releases concepts that are perfection. In fact, your taste favors the essential, what reaches the heart does not involve waste or exaggeration. Mars will be your friend until the end of the year, like Uranus and Pluto. It is not cheap. Your planets have the right amount of energy. Even challenging moments you will be able to manage them safely. Every now and then you can treat yourself to moments of silence, where space frees more spontaneous forms. Prefer elegance and candor, the heart then gives life to everything. What needs to be done you will carry out with the same scruple as always.

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Can you smell the turning point? It is Aphrodite’s myrrh, the marine incense of the beautiful Dike, the styrax of Mnemosine? It is a clear perfume, a new essence that for some still has the magic of the vague, but for many it already smells of Love and Eros, of a flowery road in an unprecedented direction. Do not stop, do not think about right and wrong, about the doubt that nourishes intelligence but slows down happiness. Dive in, spread out as from a terrace of Alma-Tadema, believe in your project. Jupiter and Saturn in trine throughout the year. You are not just symmetry, you are a sense of reality that no longer misses a move. Free the raids. Your devoted love follows you into the gardens of Eden.


Too strong to be forced to show your strength, you just need the shadow of the whip to put the whole world in line. You are not interested in reality from a single perspective, what appears predictable does not reassure you. You see life from every angle, especially the one that pierces the appearance. The planetary ups and downs trend – it will continue until autumn – awakens the creative restlessness of the soul. Your curiosity becomes intelligence, but now intelligence must no longer be torment. You leave behind a winter of a thousand hardships and anxieties. The passion of love no longer wants to move in suffocating two-dimensional spaces.


The thousand light bulbs of your unstoppable idealism light up. You are the ones who always believe in it and don’t get stuck in front of any obstacle. Your view of things does not stop with this world. You range, you go beyond all boundaries. Great transits throughout the year, after a contradictory early spring. You see things as a Hopi shaman watching infinity in the deserts of New Mexico, immediately after as a Tibetan teacher in a temple overlooking the valley from above. You can’t wait to return to experience the adventure, to an elsewhere of new discoveries. Towards the wonder. No planet forces you to the starting line anymore.


The predator does not impress you, the fool does not catch you, the crafty does not deceive you, the seducer does not enchant you. Your rigor and severe and rational spirit, still present in May, will then soften. Uranus in favor until the end of the year. Don’t overdo it with coldness. If it is true that every action must make sense, perhaps it is time to understand the value of lightheartedness, of letting go of the magical sensation of timeless time. Doing things for free, far and wide, leaving the guide to fantasy and imagination, has always left you perplexed. You are masters of the geometries of thought that make logic the pillar. The sky now wants you to understand that even the inflexible lines can sometimes have sweet sagging.


You are free spirit, which never ends up inside a frame. Tantalizing transits. Adore those who know the art of provocation. Those who live immediately, on the edge of improvisation, exalt you. If everything is beauty and wonder, so is the first thing that runs towards you. Attentive only from mid-June (born in January) to the end of July (born in February). As an ancient master said: “The whole universe is a shining pearl.” Love notes in the air. The feeling vibrates with intensity that does not compel. Nothing stands in the way of a light step. Inexplicable. You also let yourself be carried around like a happy little girl. By bike. On the Lambretta.


Your loves, as soon as they see you, wag their tail happily. Uranus and Pluto are cliffs on which you can sit with those who adore you. Uninterruptedly. Between desire and action there is no longer the sea of ​​uncertainty. Absence of irritating and spiteful planets. Your charm maintains the intoxicating aura of the indefinite, which rejects sharp outlines. You can’t stand being trapped in definitions. Your gaze captures the essence of things, with poetic contrasts of light and shadow. The warm vibrations from this spring on will bring the authentic, powerful sensations back to life. In your world blue dominates, which is delicacy, a wave that no one can stop.


Mercury and Venus more than positive in May. Heaven that, after a few years of trouble, has taken the perfect path, and will continue like this for months. General evolution – practical and psychic, professional and emotional – which will not betray expectations. Phantasmagoric soul, even joyfully unbalanced. The old fears, if there were any in a corner of the unconscious, vanished definitively. With Jupiter and Saturn in magnificent sextile until the end of the year, you can advance without the need for paralyzing reflections. With your head held high. Explosive nature that spreads, following a vision that listens only to itself. At the right moment, you will know how to be pragmatic and realistic.

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