How to dress at 30: our style tips and the mistakes not to make in order not to get the wrong look.

For some it is only a figure, others feel the weight of advancing age. THE 30 years they determine a “before” and an “after”, inevitably, even if the young spirit still excites the soul. Goals, defeats, experiences and even reflections, life choices are less instinctive, perhaps more calculated with the risk and stability factor. We have definitely come out of the last “teen” train, thus becoming part of the adults. Some will even agree with the parents’ statements, taking their point of view for the first time. We have grown up.

Home, career, cohabitation (or the marriage), the first child: the new life (let’s face it, there is a bit of nostalgia for the endless evenings with friends!) inevitably changes our way of being and appearing. At 30, you can no longer dress like at 20. Indeed, copying a look that is too young – teen – can have the opposite effect: that of look older. In fact, it is necessary to find the clothes and accessories suitable for “new” occasions: a business trip, a meeting on zoom, lunch with the in-laws, the bachelorette party, the baby shower and an aperitif with long-time friends.

A “capsule” wardrobe

The idea is to create a versatile wardrobe, to avoid wardrobe accumulations: it is allowed to keep the “clothes of memories” in a box, those linked to particular moments of growth, or given away by very special people. Everything else: old fashioned accessories, clothes that are too short or too tight, you can give them to your younger sister, donate them or sell them on some used site.

Once this is done, we can move on to creating the perfect wardrobe. What must never be missing in the wardrobe of a young woman in her thirties?

  • A statement outerwear: a coat in winter and a trench coat in mid-season.
  • A midi dress: floral (or fruit) of silk, or of very light linen for the summer.
  • A shirt made of silk but with a masculine cut.
  • A pair of cigarette pants and a pair of high-waisted jeans.
  • A merino wool or cashmere turtleneck.
  • Shoes to have: a pair of single-color ankle boots (better to focus on neutral colors), a pair of white sneakers and low sling back.
  • A maxi clutch bag, a camera bag and a shopping bag.
  • A chain necklace and many rings to wear on the fingers (according to a precise meaning).

5 style tips to follow

  • Too short, too low-cut? Too wide, too tight? If in doubt, avoid “too much”: at 30 people know the strengths and weaknesses of their body, the goal is to highlight their figure, adapting the trends to the person.
  • Focus on the quality of the classics and some more fanciful pieces in line with the latest trends.
  • Do not underestimate the underwear: you can create a drawer with garments for every day, specific bras for practicing sports activities, briefs and culottes that sculpt, finally refined lace bodysuits.
  • Expand the color palette to give freshness to the looks, using thearmocromia. Black can be replaced by brown, blue or beige.
  • Patterns, bright colors and logos, to be used in small doses.

There is only one mistake that you must not make

Not only does the body change, but the occasions are also very different: there are items that are perfect for 20 and unsuitable for 30. The most common mistake it is to think of looking younger by wearing items of yesteryear.

Ready to put our tips on how to dress at 30?

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