It looks just like that Blake Lively is Ryan Reynolds want at all costs to win the Oscar of best couple in the world. If ever there was one.

After the countless and mutual teased on their respective social profiles, the couple has today proved to be unique – and perfect – even in the field of “cuteness”. Friday evening, in fact, Blake wanted to give her 44-year-old husband a very special gift and took it to his prime Home Run Derby in Stadium of the New York Yankees.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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The Home Run Derby is a sporting event in which baseball stars compete in batting a bit like the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in which the best players compete against each other to the sound of dunks: a very spectacular and very fun event that it could only be a passion of Deadpool of the big screen.

From the evening in “free exit” (on the other hand, with three children, the time available we imagine is not very much for the couple), Ryan has taken home some memories: some photos, promptly posted on Instagram, and the autograph of Clint “Red Thunder” Frazier. Or rather, Red Thunder’s autograph on Green Lantern.

Too bad for the 10 to zero defeat of the hosts: but you can’t be two superheroes at the same time and also a lucky charm for your favorite team, right?

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