The 2021 fashion shirts have a new protagonist: the total-pink model by Valentino

Pierpaolo Piccioli has upset the colors of contemporary fashion, proposing palettes of such intensity that you can immerse yourself in them. Pulsating shades, for the pleasure of the iris, to which is added a brilliant and precious patina intrinsic to couture. And the color to act as the common denominator of the spring-summer 2021 collection, with tones of jade green and lavender purple that flow into tangerine orange and carmine red.

Valentino spring-summer 2021

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Shocking in its luminous and pop essence, the rose it is triumphant and cheeky, a presence that infuses the season one jeneithersaisquoi mix of cheerfulness and fluorescence. A glance to which one cannot remain indifferent, it appears on the catwalk in the form of a oversized cotton poplin shirt, in a cold shade with a bluish undertone, which intensifies the reflections and the metallic effect.

Pink is the new white

Classic clothing purists jump at the idea of ​​one shirts renewed and tinged with pink. Yet, the charisma of this imposing shade does not limit the combination, but rather works by contrast, making every color worn stand out forcefully. The fashion house chooses a relatively low profile, combining the shirt with black shorts and with a couple of slingback pumps in goatskin modeled on the contour of the rose petals, in the iconic point of red Valentine.

Valentino spring-summer 2021

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Starting from the most stable and secure approach, you can vary in combinations that bring pink to green (it is no coincidence that similar examples appear in the collection in the form of a long caftan with a lily print on an emerald base), at the lemon yellow with a pastel finish or al burgundy more liquid tending to marc. For the Spring Summer, the color-blocking replaces the monochromatic, risking color associations by opposition.

How to wear the oversized pink shirt

Difficult to exhibit a perfect balance of volumes when opting for oversized garments. The solution always lies in mediation, trying to maintain aharmony between top and bottom. Starting in this case from an oversize top, the choice is limited to the bottom: pencil skirts in light knitwear, shorts of denim or in fresh fabrics from cotton to linen, slim-fit trousers or flared versions in silk gabardine, remaining flat in terms of shoes ranging from slingbacks to mules to decorated sandals. Extreme and with a vague of lingerie it is instead the option of investing in a larger size to be exploited as summer minidress.

Xenia Adonts

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Liu Lingzi

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Inspired by the Valentino look and its total-pink romance, here are some fashion shirts 2021 to invest in.

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