Summer 2021: different ideas for a relaxing break

We are (almost) free. The vaccination campaign continues and it is legitimate to start planning weekend and micro-trips. Perhaps focusing on the closest destinations, and on the mix – always restful and reassuring – of good ones readings, good food, outdoor activities and excellent hospitality.

For example, if you love books, love nature and maybe try a short yoga retreat, consult the very rich program of the Literary nursery: a marathon of appointments that runs throughout the summer in the shadow of the Belluno Dolomites and which, starting from the love for books, creates a series of offers for different weekends than usual. They are retreats of a few days, where listening is practiced, guided by writers. They share aperitifs and literary dinners, to discover a new book and the story of those who imagined it. And in the meantime we dedicate ourselves to parallel and complementary activities as indeed yogic practice with an expert guide. Or you discover the secret life of plants, or even participate in a discussion on Italian cuisine intertwined with our history.

The yoga teacher Laura Stefani

Alice Pedon by Naturalpina

If yoga is for you, the appointment is 18-19 and 20 June to discover with Laura Stefani, certified teacher of Hatha and Vinyasa, the strength of our inner power, concentrated between navel and heart. Do you prefer to talk about plants? You can do it on July 3 with Alessandra Viola, professor at the University of Venice, who will explain what we mean by “Plant ethics” and how we can achieve it. Meanwhile you can also explore the fabulous microworld of aromatic herbs with the owners of Naturalpina, a Belluno family farm that cultivates Dolomite plants and an apple orchard of resistant modern and ancient varieties, all under the sign of organic.

But it does not end there, because the meetings of the Literary Nursery continue until autumn with guest stars like writers Gianni Biondillo, Marco Malvaldi, Francesco Recami, all accompanied by chefs who will cook breakfasts and dinners for you. Yes, you are spoiled for choice, but you can return to the Literary Nursery several times, even if only for the perfect hospitality and the beauty of the B&B that hosts it: La Serra, in the ancient village of Frontin, a few kilometers from Belluno.

To those who want to intelligent lightness (and how not to understand) we also report the meeting of 17 July: “Heart and sweetbreads. For a happily imperfect life ”. Elena Dallorso and Francesco Nicchiarelli, writers and excellent cooks, will tell their latest book “On a slow fire” (which we told you about here): funny and ironic chronicle of a affaire born in the kitchen, which is also one amorous diatribe between light and creative contemporary cuisine and traditional cuisine, especially Roman. Which side are you on? Whatever it is, you can have your say at the Literary Nursery (here you will find the complete program).

The cat Minerva, owner of the B&B La Serra

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