There vegan cream not as a trend, but as a coherence. For Erika Boldrin cruelty free it is an ethical choice, but also and above all of life. “I wanted Honieh, a collection of skin care products natural, organic and vegan, after having experienced a healthy and vegan lifestyle for many years, ”he explains.

And in a world where sometimes the marketing has the best of everything, it is important to discover realities that have gone all the way to achieve their goal. Honieh products have undergone a third party certification process through theAIAB, an association that guarantees that the ingredients of our cosmetics derive from natural sources, they are environmentally friendly and that the use of chemical processes during production is limited. In short, much more than a label that says “vegan cream”.

But what, personally, struck me most about the brand is the attention to detail: both the detergent Soft Cloud, both face masks they can be removed without water, only with a cloth. A gesture of kindness towards the skin and the environment.

Erika, whom I met at the Rinascente in Milan, where Honieh opened her first corner, told me all this, until next May 17th.

Honieh’s corner at the Rinascente in Milan

This is the first pop-up store open in the city of origin of the brand where it will be possible to try and buy all the products of the line. The aesthetics of the corner, of two square meters by two located at the floor 1 of the Annex area, fully incorporates Honieh’s aesthetics.

For Honieh this represents a great milestone, just over a year after the launch of the brand and for Erika it is a great honor to be able to become part of the great family of la Rinascente. Among the next objectives of the brand, in addition to that of expand the line with new products that are also 100% vegan, there is that of replicate the experience in the other cities where la Rinascente is already present in the coming months.

Below you will find the products that make up Honieh’s beauty routine

Soft Cloud Face Cleansing Mousse of Honieh to use in the evening to dissolve makeup and dirt, or in the morning on wet skin to start your day. Removes make-up, pollutants, dirt and excess oil leaving the skin looking brighter, fresher and more energized after each use, respecting the PH. It is the perfect base for the next steps of the daily beauty routine.

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Rise & Shine Anti-Aging Face Mask di Honieh face mask with nourishing, plumping, revitalizing, anti-aging action, ideal for a shock treatment that restores the skin’s brightness and firmness lost after a stressful day. The mask of desires: antioxidant and moisturizing effect, to reduce wrinkles and even out the skin tone. To be used daily or whenever the skin needs an energy booster. It can also be used only around the eyes.

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Deep Detox Nutritive Face Mask of Honieh will leave your skin looking visibly glowing and healthy right after use. It has a purifying, calming and anti-redness action specific for impure, oily and acne-prone skin. Apply on the face and leave for about ten minutes, then remove the excess with a cotton swab or rinse with warm water.

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Light Me Up Illuminate Serum of Honieh face serum that combines the anti-aging and antioxidant action of Goji Berries with the “illuminating” effect of Mullein plant extract, to give the face a fresh and homogeneous appearance from the first application. It can be used together with the moisturizer for greater radiance and hydration.

Power to Go Vitamin Serum by Honieh Dull complexion, small wrinkles in sight, non-stop dark circles? Yes, the skin is stressed. The reasons can be various: smoking, stress, pollution, unbalanced diet, hectic periods, lack of sleep, menstruation. This serum is a real beauty pampering: multivitamin rich in natural active ingredients with strong moisturizing, stimulating and revitalizing power for all skin types.

The Wonder Hyaluronic Serum by Honieh reduces wrinkles, minimizes signs of fatigue and firms the skin. Increases brightness, tone and firmness. In just 1 minute the skin will have improved considerably.
Face serum with powerful anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and lifting effect. Hyaluronic acid has a trophic and rehydrating action, while Paphatight °, a precious substance of natural origin, has an immediate tightening effect.
To be used all over the face. Can be mixed with moisturizer for added hydration.

Any Weekday Moisturizing Cream of Honieh contains only natural ingredients to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin even from environmental pollution typical of cities. It should be applied to the face every day to keep the skin soft, vital and healthy.

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