Valentino Beauty: the wait is over

We wanted every single one beauty look seen on the catwalks of Valentino, and masterfully crafted by Pat McGrath. And now we know the Maison’s make-up will be available from September 2021, in Italy. But still none spoiler, none preview. Only “V is for visionary. V is for vibrant. V is for vivid. V is for Valentino “. That’s all that – at the moment – we can extrapolate from the Instagram profile of Valentino Beauty.

But we know the values ​​of the brand, and well, as the passion for red, the disposition to never conform and to follow that voice that suggests dressing up one’s emotions. Values ​​that will be even more amplified thanks to the partnership between fashion and beauty.

Yes, because it’s time to see, touch and above all try it Valentino’s first make-up collection is practically (almost) here. Surely they will be products that will wink at an inclusive aesthetic, where emotions, dreams and individuality will merge in a whirlwind of beauty solely focused on the present. The creative director of the Maison, Pierpaolo Piccioli, in fact, loves to define Valentino Beauty as Human Beauty, that is a human beauty, of every age and every culture.

After all, Piccioli himself defines beauty as “Democratic, a complexity resolved through love ”, which he himself brings to the stage with uniqueness and grace, which“ cannot be described, it is a perception, something that gives emotions ”. A connection, a sort of symphony, a vision that, in the designer’s eyes, is of a precise color, “the red Valentino 22“.

And here we can give you a spoiler: the campaign, shot in first person by Pierpaolo Piccioli, will see 16 eclectic talents as protagonists, each with a touch of Valentino wanting to create a true choral of the Maison. The idea is to make couture accessible thanks to beauty.

Wear for example one of the 40 shades of foundation or one of 50 refillable lipsticks, will be an expression of uniqueness, extravagance and experimentation. Everyone is beautiful in their own way – let’s always remember – and the beauty of make-up is that, thanks to different textures and colors, it is possible to experiment with your own personal approach. couture.

Spring / Summer 2020. Photo Gorunway

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Spring / Summer 2019. Photo Gorunway


Fall / Winter 2020/2021. Gorunway photo

Autumn / Winter 2019/2020. Gorunway photo

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