The perfect remote mother’s day gift?

“It takes a flower to do everything”, he wrote Gianni Rodari (and Sergio Endrigo sang) in a song that only apparently speaks to children.
The flowers not only inspire literature, fashion and the world beauty, but through theirs meanings they can express feelings and unspoken words and their beauty and lightness translate into a clear message for the recipient, because giving flowers (unless the person who receives them does not suffer from particular allergies) is one of the certainties of life: it makes you happy .
What better occasion if not there Mother’s Day, Sunday 9 May?
Still partially trapped in a limited range of motion, this year we want to advise you for yours presents 6 delivery of flowers (plus an equally fragrant gift idea) you can count on to send your thoughts to mothers, grandmothers or simply special people (including yourself). Even from a distance.

Mirai Flowers
These beautiful flowers are stabilized: they last over time, even several years, without the use of chemicals, maintaining their natural characteristics of shape, color and softness. In fact, in Japanese, Mirai means future.

Much more than an online concept store: a concept store where classic and modern blend together. In addition, from 29 April to 29 May each composition will be accompanied by a Jo Malone London scented surprise.

© Giacomo Maestri, Frida’s

© Giacomo Maestri, Frida’s

© Giacomo Maestri, Frida’s

The Fiorellaia
“Flowers are for me Art of nature. Their expressive power is very powerful, they are alive and transform over time, surprising us. They are the medium I use to paint … “
If these words weren’t enough for you to fall in love with this project, here are the pictures of some bouquets …

Eternal madness

© Mara Brioni, La Fiorellaia

Mom, hug me

© Mara Brioni, La Fiorellaia

Mom, encourage me

© Mara Brioni, La Fiorellaia

Celebrates mothers beyond biology: “a caring neighbor, a sister who has seen you grow up protecting you from a distance, a friend who looks after you in difficult times. Being a mother is a predisposition to care, it is not just the one who gave birth, it is that relationship that does not need words, it simply exists “. There is more than one mother.

Mothers Of Petals

© Colvin

Italy in Bloom
It is an online sales company of Flowers and Plants that relies on selected florists throughout Italy. “Our task is to do everything possible, and sometimes the impossible, to amaze those who have chosen us with the highest quality and elegance”. Guaranteed quality, punctuality and kindness.


© Italy in bloom

Bouquet of peonies

© Italy in bloom

Yellow and pink freesias in pots

© Italy in bloom

The research azaleas we talked about thoroughly here are the charity initiative of the Airc Foundation: you can also buy them on Amazon and have them delivered directly to your home. A gift that is good for everyone from every point of view.

Research Azalea


Only if you are in Milan. Do you want a unique bouquet? At Frame, the Condé Nast shop in Piazza Cadorna, you will find exclusive compositions curated by Clori, a renowned Milanese florist who will embellish the bouquet with a ceramic mug by Vogue, Vanity Fair or Gq.

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