In stormy times, even a ray of sunshine makes the news. We find no better sentence to describe the confirmation, on the pages of, of the fact that Harry and Meghan they wished William and Kate happy anniversary for theirs 10 years of marriage.

A confirmation that comes from an official source, a spokesperson for the couple, who however did not go so far as to say how the wishes were sent or in what form. On the other hand, as we have said, what appears to everyone to be a very normal gesture to be performed between brothers, given the latest events within the royal family it seems a sign of an extraordinary and unexpected opening. If not of a pacification between the parties.

Harry, Meghan, William and Kate

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However, doubts remain in the air: while in fact it seemed to everyone that Harry and William, after the funeral of grandfather Filippo, they had at least returned to talk; on the other hand we had the certainty, a few days later, of Harry’s complete estrangement from the royal family that brought the Duke of Sussex to go home early without attending the 95th birthday of the queen.

And if it has to thaw, let it be at the right times. Which means, perhaps, having to wait for a spring that is still far away (very far) to come.

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