The fate of the royal family hangs on William and Kate and the three royal babies. We say this with good reason. Indeed, when the film is viewed. In fact, watching the video celebrating theirs ten years of marriage that William and Kate shared on their Instagram profile, we have the distinct feeling that the future of the UK monarchy is theirs. We don’t say this about the line of succession he sees however Carlo as a direct descendant, but for what concerns the very image of the royals: the future passes through Kensington Palace. Or maybe it has already gotten there.
Here are five more than notable things about William and Kate’s 10-year wedding video.

1 – William: loving dad

William in the video of the 10 years of marriage

William is, in the whole video, a father more than a father. The difference is not a small one: once the plaster cast of a certain label has been filed, which is now poorly tolerated by many (if not completely misunderstood by the new generations), the new monarchy must pass from embraces, from racing and on the one hand “active, active and playful “. Always smiling. And William proves all this: a young king, dynamic and devoid of inscrutable severity. Much more like the beloved George VI than Carlo is.

2 – Kate: support and strength.

Kate in the 10 years of marriage video

Looking at the images of the video you can see a very particular thing: the only one to pick up the children is Kate. She helps Louis on the climbs, holds him in her arms. She holds George by the hand and leads him through the paths. Kate is the mother, the support, the strength. Kate is therefore clearly the one and only new queen, something that evidently Camilla will never be in the minds of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom. And it is no coincidence that the video ends with Kate’s gaze projected towards the horizon.

3 – George: the thoughtful

George in the 10-year wedding video

While Louis and Charlotte they play and have fun together, George is (almost) on the sidelines. If you look closely at the video, there are very few moments in which all three brothers interact together. On the other hand, an intense close-up is dedicated to George in which the child who turns 8 in July seems really already aware of his role of extreme responsibility to which one day he might be called.

4 – The colors

William and Kate in the 10-year wedding video

Brown and green and with very little contrast: just like the Christmas Card, the video for Kate and William’s 10th birthday speaks the language of nature and the English countryside. There is also no need to underline how the theme of outdoor life has always been one of the leitmotifs of Kate’s narrative. As well as his choice of the its country chic style impeccable that distinguishes the figure in recent years. And the fact that it is she who wears the red color, symbol of the English flag, only underlines what could be her role as a true symbol for the nation.

5 – The setting

Cambridges in the 10 years of marriage video

The video is completely shot outdoors, like during a picnic. There are no details that in any way recall a domestic environment. The video never enters their home, in their real everyday life: nothing tells us about their real life within the home. A well-considered choice that tells Cambridges as a totally public family, which shows itself on the outside, which is completely visible (as opposed to Harry and Meghan, always barricaded). Or perhaps this choice was dictated by the fact that, after two years of lockdown, no one is interested in seeing something set inside the home.

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