Horoscope. Taurus sign, an astrological portrait

Strong as a Bull. Yes, because between all other signs possesses great physical but also psychic strength, and can withstand the trials and challenges of life very well. He is constant, patient and generous, for this reason it adapts very well to those signs that love to discuss or question everything, such as Scorpio or Capricorn, for this reason it knows how to stand up to those who tend to decide for others too, to behave as leaders, Sagittarius or Leo.

But sometimes he needs someone to give him a hand, someone to share with him the burdens and demands of the moment, for this appreciate the selfless spirit of Cancer or Virgo, signs with which it manages to express collaboration, synergy.

Elizabeth II, born April 21: a real Taurus woman

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We remember that the sign of Taurus is made of Fixed Earth, for this reason, negatively, so much constancy and determination can easily translate into stubbornness, or lead to a poor ability to question oneself and to change your mind, even in the face of the evidence. In this case, only the fast Gemini or the empathic Pisces could be able to move it.

Taurus metabolizes the weight of matter (it is an Earth sign) through enjoyment, with physical pleasure, for this sex, kitchen and amusements are something vital and indispensable for him. But the best companions in adventures? Aries promises to be a good accomplice thanks to his ability to involve even the laziest, while together with another Taurus he will go in search of the right restaurant, the one that was missing.

Gigi Hadid, born on April 23, 1995

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The love

And in love? Remember that the Taurus needs a relationship in which he is above all comfortable, in which he can always be spontaneous and natural (otherwise it would be too tiring). He has a special feeling with Libra (made of Venus like Taurus) while having a hard time understanding each other with Aquarius, a sign that he does not share his interest in matter, in the more physical and material logics of a relationship.

The work

At work the Taurus can give a lot and is also willing to tolerate small delusions of protagonism in order to have honest and direct professional partners, such as Leo or Aries who, as good signs of fire, have respect for correctness. Also good with the very precise Verginand or with the efficient Capricorn.

The stone of Taurus is the diamond: this belongs to the collection of Queen Elizabeth

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