During the early 1900s, Belgium possessed the most branched railway network in the world. At that time, the maison of high leather goods Delvaux of Brussels produced suitcases and luxury items dedicated to travelers. Faced with the constant request of traveling customers, who asked for an accessory to carry their personal effects by hand, in 1908 the brand designed the first women’s bag, revisiting what was originally an accessory dedicated only to men. Since then, the brand has created over time models that are still immortal, small works of art that have become icons of international leather goods.

Creative, authentic and curious, characterized by a surrealist soul, Delvaux it is still loved all over the world for its masterpieces of high craftsmanship; bags refined and innovative, but also functional, which express femininity and the desire for freedom. Just like the latest arrivals in the house, the Cool Box Nano and the So Cool Mini: two miniature versions of the legendary Cool Box and So Cool models. Small in size but spacious inside, characterized by a distinctly contemporary look, the new Cool Babies have a elegant and practical design, they are versatile and perfect for any occasion, from day to evening.

There Cool Box Nano it is an authentic box of wonders. Compact and light, withbon ton attitude, boasts a particular square geometry with contrasting stitching, and is made of fine textured Taurillion calfskin, a quality that is soft to the touch and durable over time. The closure is a zip, hidden by the D-shaped buckle. Proposed in bright shades, from indigo to intense apricot to raspberry pink, but also in neutral colors such as optical white or black, the Cool Box Nano is a hymn to relaxation and fun, the perfect companion for the upcoming summer. Moreover, thanks to the two handles and the removable shoulder strap, it is possible to choose whether to wear it by hand, on the shoulder or crossbody for a more casual style.

There So Cool Mini is a bag with soft lines, classic and discreet, perfect for the city. It has the typical D-buckle also present in its older sister So Cool, a sort of jewel placed on the shoulder strap which, in addition to adjusting the length, contrasts and embellishes the relaxed silhouette of the model. Lightweight and soft as a feather, fits every style of clothing thanks to one timeless charm. It is proposed in delicate apricot and vegetal summer shades, or in a mix of natural canvas and brandy-colored leather in the Canvas version, the most beautiful there is. What are you waiting for? Summer is upon us and the Cool Babies are already available online and in all Delvaux boutiques.

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