Là Fuori was born in 2019 in New York from the intuition of Riccardo Benedini and the designer Vidur Adlakha, who combine their visions to create a sustainable fashion brand marked by internationality.

It is in fact the connection between different cultures and the intertwining of the savoir fare of artisans around the world that makes the brand – dedicated to clothing and lifestyle – a real example of responsibility and inclusion, with the aim of creating a community dedicated to supporting female artisans, protagonists of the collections.

On the occasion of the launch of the Stories of Sapa collection, dedicated to Vietnam, we interviewed Riccardo Benedini, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Là Fuori.

What prompted you to give life to the brand?

In August 2019 I was lucky enough to meet Vidur Adlakha, a New York designer who involved me in an experiential journey, asking me to tell, through photos and poetry, the stories of the fabrics that we would encounter along our path. The same year, we founded the sustainable fashion brand together in New York, with the aim of transforming fabric into a real lifestyle. The goal is to give a face and an emotion to the garments we make, through a story telling that makes the craftsman the true protagonist of all our collections.

What’s in the world out there?

The name “Là Fuori” derives from the fact that we observe the world with an interrogative spirit, capable of reinterpreting not only the vision of our origins, but also the perception of our forms, our identity and our role in the world. We want to spread, with our clothing, a seed of inspiration, to remind our mind to always be “on the road”, where beauty is cultivated daily. You just need to go out, look for that authentic charm, want to ask, curiosity to understand, wonder to find. U0026lt; u0026lt; Where are you? “-” Out there “>> The textile cultures scattered around the world and their artisans, with their own life stories, offer us this beauty. This is why we leave and go knocking on their doors.

What were the steps that led you to such a responsible production?

Our artisans are mothers who create the fabric of life, tenacious dreamers and advocates of their own destiny. Each dress therefore symbolizes the encounter between the woman who makes it and the one who wears it, restoring dignity and strength to that female creativity that is too often discriminated against in the world. We are therefore committed to producing 30% of each collection directly from the source of inspiration, that is to say in close contact with the community of artisans and artists who suggested the garments of that particular season. We share 10% of our profits directly with the weavers, embroiderers and all the people we collaborate with on our path; the distribution of profits is in addition to the salaries for the creation of our products. Finally, we take care to directly distribute the remuneration due to the artisans and we document on the web, also through our social channels, the entire process of exchange and growth that takes shape from this project.

What are the three words you would use to describe Out There?

“Nomads explorers of fabric”: Vidur Adlakha and I are two friends who travel in search of fabric stories capable of sensitizing women on what it means to “wear responsibly”, choosing a garment means deciding the identity of our future dreams, in connection with the world and the people who inhabit it. Our ideal client is the woman who aspires to be an explorer of the world. When life does not allow her to do so, wearing Là Fuori clothes still feels part of an exotic story , which can follow daily through our stories that make fabric a real lifestyle. We are not just a clothing brand but our intent is to build a community of women active in the enhancement, dissemination and protection of artisan cultures in Worldwide.

The brand talks about travels and cultures, India, Vietnam, where can we imagine flying virtually for the next collections?

Là Fuori creates four collections each year inspired by four different textile cultures. For each journey we like to think that there is a fabric map that guides us in a new direction. Many of our stops come from the profound culture of the designer Vidur Adlakha regarding the textile traditions of the various countries and once we have outlined a rough itinerary, we leave, letting the journey itself, day after day, inspire us. What is really important for us is to keep this path, through the different cultures, authentic and real. Many brands are inspired by distant realities, but very few go in person to the place, spending entire weeks in the villages of the artisans with whom they wish to work. We, on the other hand, are real guests of a culture, rather than explorers. We love to physically knock on doors, ask for permission, collect information. We are passionate with curiosity. We have a creative office in Italy and the next collection will be inspired by the textile culture of this land which for the occasion is also water, as well as suggestion: we are talking about Venice and the enchantment of its artisans. This city is the mother par excellence, the one who adopts the wonder coming from other continents. We want to talk to you.

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