Gently chained. This is the fashion that transforms a functional element such as the chain into a stylish detail, so much so that it takes on the appearance of a slim belt that embellishes the looks of 2021. To all intents and purposes it is chosen as a jewel to adorn the waist or hips: it rests on trousers, tightens the waist with skirts and dresses or closes one wide jacket.

View on the catwalk from Chanel, which proposes to wear it directly on the skin like body jewel, the chain belt becomes a décor element that has the innate ability to give a twist to contemporary looks: a small accessory with great and unexpected potential.

© Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

To the simple chain, where each ring follows one another, encircling the body and capturing the attention, fashion re-proposes the cascade version equipped with elements chain decorative that create elegant waves on the belly or hips. Finally, the playful element: these belts can adapt to the silhouette with a hook that attaches to the desired ring, creating a long dangling chain that rocks with every movement, falling back to the thigh or knee. Tassels, pearls, platelets adorn and personalize the accessory.

The extra idea lies in customization: as a chain bracelet can be personalized with so many pendants, why not adorn with charms the jewel belts?

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