The collaboration between sloggi and Central St Martins continues: the London fashion school and the underwear brand – after the first collaboration for the launch of S by sloggi for autumn winter 2019 – gave birth to the project Comfort uncensored.

The campaign, born from the collaboration between the director and photographer Roni Ahn and the fashion journalist Bella Webb, always has the premium line as protagonist S by sloggi and is entirely dedicated to telling what comfort is today.

An unconventional challenge that emphasizes the concept behind the brand: comfort is for everyone, and passes from perfect underwear, designed to better enjoy everyday life, but above all through self-acceptance.

“What makes us feel comfortable aligns – or can be aligned – with what makes us feel comfortable as a company? “ is the key question of the project.

And the six Central Saint Martins students involved in the campaign gave a unanimous answer: they all refuse to compromise.

The creatives of the fashion school talk about themselves with an open heart through a series of interviews, talking about the personal meaning of comfort and what are the little things they do every day to ensure that comfort is present in their days. Expressing one’s gender identity, the particularities of social background, or simply embracing one’s style, everyone has a unique perspective on what one wants to be inside and out, and that shouldn’t be judged as right or wrong at all.

In addition to the interviews, and the images that see them as protagonists in first person wearing S by sloggi, the project develops in a series of short films and in the Spotify playlists of each creative.

By eliminating self-censorship and testing the limits of our comfort zone, we can all learn to become a little more open. Many of us are still learning that in order to truly be ourselves, at times, we can make others uncomfortable… but that’s ok anyway! “ says Nick Tacchi, sloggi’s Global Head of Brand and Marketing, with the hope that true comfort and acceptance will become a central part of our everyday life.

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