Poetry was unleashed, my friend fashion designer noted on Instagram Arthur Arbesser. And, I would add, today creativity triumphs, unlimited freedom of expression, no matter by what means or in what forms. And if for a long time we have considered time a luxury, hoping and invoking the possibility of having it in a personal way and to our exquisite pleasure … Here, for almost a year now, although it might seem an unattainable dream, how to spend free time is about everyone’s life.

It is the most gratifying consequence of the limits and prohibitions imposed by lockdown and quarantines and certainly does not fail to inspire new forms of entertainment, practices and occupations that are increasingly sophisticated and extraordinary. Constructions and reconstructions, manual skills and jigsaw puzzles, complicated and virtuous professional or amateur works, which involve long production processes, a lot of precision and imagination. Like the still lifes of the Milanese artist Marcello Bonfanti, digital photographs that look like paintings. And they presuppose reconnaissance in the woods, in the gardens and in the on-line antique shops or around the house, to obtain plants and leaves, flowers and fruits, vases and fruit bowls, old tablecloths or ad hoc drapes to compose together. And so as to create highly sought after accurate syntheses of nature and artifice. Home made tributes to Renaissance painting. And meditations on life and death, between reason and imagination, science and poetry.

Work by Marcello Bonfanti from the “Rinascimento Domestico” series, photography and styling Marcello Bonfanti, styling assistant Duska Karanov.


Humanistic contents that, in times of pandemic and after centuries, regain strength and return to take on a central role. Arguing for a variety of new artistic practices on a domestic scale.

References to nature and invitations to the conception and construction of ever more personal and original forms have in fact been promoted and disseminated with great success also by LEGO, a myth of ludus on an industrial scale, which in the time of Covid has increased its sales and turnover with sold out products, highly sought after such as the multicolored do it yourself flower bouquets. Corollas, buds and lanceolate leaves, to be assembled and assembled on adjustable stems, which generate from the recovery of pre-existing LEGO pieces. Pterodactyl wings, car hoods or robot heads that combine with five new elements in vegetable plastic, ushering in a future of completely sustainable products, which for the Billund-based company will become reality by 2030. But that’s not all, the historic modular modules are now also sold in bulk, so as to offer fans the freedom to assemble their own constructions.

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Opening: LEGO Botanical Collection flower bouquet.

Read the full article in the March issue of Vogue Italia, on newsstands from 6 March

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