A book with a pink cover, with beautiful pop-up illustrations, comes in a rigid box and immediately suggests an analog world, made of paper and writing. Opening it, however, opens up an animated universe: the one co-signed by Simone Rocha and H&M it is not a “normal” illustrated volume but a treasure chest of augmented reality. By framing the QR codes, in fact, the drawings come alive and populate with real people. I’m Helena Bonham Carter, Kaia Gerber, Barry Keoghan, Rowan Blanchard, Paloma Elsesser, Omari Douglas, Kelsey Lu and many others called to present, in a completely new way, a fashion capsule collection.

This is how, by experimenting with augmented reality captured in an animated book, through technology, it is possible to share art and fashion, with the testimony of characters such as actors and models directly from their homes. Without contacts and respecting the physical distance without the need for masks. The digital event is activated through this precious book (which refers to Simone’s bond with art books), created with the famous English painter Faye Wei Wei, also protagonist of the campaign. There are five paintings that form the background of the cast that comes to life through the framing of the QR code.

THE virtual talents (10.5 cm tall) perfectly represent Simone’s vision for inclusive fashion and which embodies different personalities: Helena Bonham Carter CBE, Barry Keoghan, Francesca Hayward, Kaia Gerber, Rowan Blanchard, Paloma Elsesser, Kelsey Lu, sisters Laila and Nadia Gohar, Omari Douglas, Djenaba, Jess Maybury, Nancy Andersen, Lily Ashley and Hugo Hamlet of Voo Le Voo, William De Val Darby, and finally Faye Wei Wei herself who appears in miniature in front of his creation.

Actors, dancers, models and musicians symbolize the spirit of Simone Rocha’s collection, which for the first time develops a wardrobe for the whole family. “I immediately wanted this collection to be a celebration of dressing well for occasions to meet with your families, your friends and with all the people we love,” says the designer.

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