On the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo 99, the brand of Men fashion Ten C organized an event entitled “The Juggernaut Installation”. The protagonist of the immersive installation set in the Sala Volta of the Fortezza da Basso was the OJJ fabric, an original performance polyester characteristic of the brand, which was celebrated through the projections of five iconic garments re-proposed for theautumn winter 2021 2022 from the Made in Italy brand.

The related virtual event took place last February 22 on the Pitti Connect platform, one year after the last physical edition of the fair. In a perfect synthesis of what the commitment and action of the fashion industry should be in an indomitable and casual moment like the one we are experiencing, the presentation consecrated the men’s outerwear brand as unpredictable and intangible ambassador leader of the latest edition. of Pitti Immagine.

Between tailoring and technology, the entire artistic project celebrates the historical garments made in the characteristic Original Japanese Jersey, such as Cyclone Parka, Parka, Anorak, Tempest Anorak and Field Jacket, while conveying, through the construction of a setting based on video inspiration -artistic started by Nam June Paik in the Sixties and through a precise parallelism between the unpredictability of the events of the present and the tincture of the OJJ, a message of resilience and enthusiasm towards the future.

In particular, the polyester that inspired the evocative installation of Federico Poggioli’s studio and that has always characterized the Ten C creations, has a series of qualities that make it unpredictable and, consequently, determine the uniqueness of each garment designed by Alessandro Pungetti. Not surprisingly, in the introduction of the video “The Juggernaut Installation”, the designer and owner Enzo Fusco, president of FGF Industry, describe the various production steps involving polyester jersey, first of all the dyeing phase with difficulties linked to the very high degree of unpredictability of the fiber subjected to a temperature under pressure of 130 °.

The randomness of the error due to the uniqueness of the performing fabric is a key event in every manufacturing process of Made in Italy outerwear, therefore, the best possible concept for the celebration of the iconic material of Ten C is confirmed. unpredictability of the OJJ leads to an intriguing parallelism with the glitch of electronic music, seen as a potential artistic element and as a key to building the “Juggernaut” installation. Thus, the glitch becomes the “virtual fabric” of the projections of the five most representative coats of the Italian brand. In the exhibition, the creations descend from the ceiling, while they are intermittently illuminated by a highly suffused beam of light; on the walls of the Sala Volta, close-ups and full figures of the items alternate in a whirlwind of images and videos that animate the walls and create visual effects of involvement for the viewer. The result is a complete artistic project, site-specific installation and digital performance, where randomness is continually regenerated and lends itself to become a performative element, capable in turn of making technology human.

The video-event created by Ten C is visible, in its entirety, on the website of Pitti Immagine Uomo.

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