The Japanese experience of the cult sandals of home working, Suicoke, meets the subcultural heritage of Dr. Martens in an exclusive collaboration announced for the spring summer 2021. The capsule collection is a design collision triggered by the perfect combination of refinement and comfort that characterize footwear made with the highest quality materials. The result is a creative explosion that represents the adventurous freedom of streetwear.

Born from the shared commitment to a meticulous and innovative production, which is the engine of new and inviting atmospheres for the summer season, the invitation of the top shoe brands projects the consumer into unexplored roads of the fashion world, where it is possible to overcome the limits data from the transience of trends and the style is constantly evolving. In total creative freedom, the versatile and resistant sandals of the special Dr. Martens x Suicoke capsule collection express the same unstoppable and timeless rebellious vision, while standing out for their functional and sophisticated attitude at the same time. “Dr. Martens and Suicoke share a mutual understanding and a unique approach to design that constantly challenges creative development, using only the highest quality materials,” said the Japanese sandals brand. Thus, each aesthetic code of collaboration is pure representation of the universe of values ​​and techniques that, to date, have increased the reputation of the Dr. Martens and Suicoke brands.

The countdown for the exclusive release of the two shoes with an urban silhouette enriched with highly refined details has just begun. The composition of the sole, in perfect combination with the footbed, plays a fundamental role in the structural representation of the iconic products of both brands. In the new models of sandals with a street soul, the resistant insole characteristic of Suicoke products, expertly made by the Italian company Vibram, marries the Lorsan sole, which over time has contributed to the success of the shoes of the rebel British brand, and which, in eagerly awaited collection, is enhanced with the application of a double trademark.

In the new Dr. Martens x Suicoke shoes, the Depa and Boak silhouettes are back, icons of the Japanese brand’s archive together with the inseparable smooth black leather. Other details that combine branding and sporty allure concern the combined logo in relief on the surface of the sandals, the presence of the tongue with logo on the leather of the Depa model, the application of clip buckles on the second Boak variant. Finally, the Dr. Martens tongue on the heel and the historic yellow stitching on the welt are also inevitable.

Creative freedom resides right from the start in the spirit of the project: “We don’t intend to design [le calzature] for a specific demographic, but simply create something special, ”Suicoke continued through the press release. The constitutional right to choose whether the product adapts to one’s lifestyle is left to the judgment of each consumer, the only judge of the fashion industry, regardless of the traditional limitations and distinctions of the fashion system.

The countdown will end on Saturday 13 March. Since then, the Dr. Martens x Suicoke collection will be available on the official website and selected partners.

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