Fashion Sneakers 2021: the Reebok Pump Omni Zone II model

After the launch of the very exclusive capsule collection with Helen Kirkum and collaboration with Cardi B, Reebok returns to be talked about by paying tribute to theAll Star Game NBA from 1991, which coincides with one of the most memorable moments of the Boston brand. It was February 9, 1991 when Dee Brown took the field in the dunk match with the Celtics jersey and with a new technology on his feet: the Reebok Pump Omni Zone II.

His dunk no look, after having “pumped” the flaming basketball shoes, it remained etched in the minds of all basketball fans, helping to change the rules of football forever. sneaker game on the NBA parquet. Thirty years after that fateful moment, Reebok relaunches the Pump Omni Zones in their silhouette original high-cut and in the same black-white color.

For its part Par 5, lo sneaker store selector Milan, has designed an exclusive for the occasion special pack which contains, in addition to the timeless Pumps, also a mat and stickers, contained in a cylindrical box that takes its cue from the pump of sneakers.
An unmissable piece for the collection of basketball and Reebok fans, made even more unique by the exclusive packaging signed Par 5: PUMP UP AND AIR OUT, PUMP UP AND PAR FIVE!

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