Dior: the most romantic shoes of Paris Fashion Week

Come from the deep sky or come out of the abyss, oh Beauty?Hymn to Beauty, Charles Baudelaire

We can imagine that Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior, which gave us the most romantic shoes of all the collections autumn winter 2021 that we have seen so far, has identified with a symbolist poet, facing the charm of a rose garden in the fog, of a marble staircase in the dark, and that from the image of a rose has created a footwear. And the Beauté Dérangeante, the charm of restlessness, which the maison encloses in a shoe in which it also consolidates a feminist message. To cross The Galerie des Ombres, the special installation of Silvia Giambrone with mirrors reflecting brambles, the femme Dior wears a low model, in bright patent leather, with an elongated tip and a subtle detail. This is where the artistic-literary references that Maria Grazia Chiuri uses as the keystone for the interpretation of her collections come into play: the strap is a rose branch, it wraps around the ankle, runs along the foot and blooms on the upper, in a closed bud under the influence of an artificial night created in Versailles.

There low shoe, in black or red leather, is the one that each of us would wear for a day at the office, for an informal evening, to feel unique, under the jeans and the dress, under the skirt and with audacity. A proof that even today, fashion remains one of the possible tools through which to express revolt, non-conformism, the female struggle to get out of the fairy tale regime in which it confines it, to eradicate that lying garden that wants its sweet beauty. and too tender. Roses are planted, roses are worn, seems to be the message of Dior’s FW 2021 collection. Their thorns will be able to protect a greater value: a woman who asks nothing but to blossom.

“Instead of a gift or a gorgeous dress, that crazy gift of hers: a rose, just a rose, in the dead of winter”The Unforgivable, Cristina Campo.

Shoes with roses in red and black

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