Cecilia Bornstrom, creative soul of Zadig & Voltaire, presented the brand’s new collection in Paris. No fashion show, as we are used to now, but a video recorded at Studio 217. A dynamic short film that celebrates the contemporary energy of some metropolises: Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, Seoul and New York, reinventing their clothes. So here is a focus on 10 trends selected by the Vogue editorial team.

What are the 10 trends to copy to the collection FW 2021-2022 by Zadig & Voltaire?

The rock lamé trousers

To be worn with a tweed jacket, to counterbalance.

The hippie dress worn over the pants

To play down a look that is too obvious. And add a rock note.

The camouflage shacket

A garment with a spirit boyish to be made more feminine with a belt at the waist.

The BCBG look in a military version

Ton sur ton for a monochromatic total look. With the twist of contrasting accessories.

The “froissé” leather

Crumpled effect for a shabby faux look that still manages to be chic.

The faux fur on the sweatpants

Ultra-comfortable garments reinvented with a chic filter.

The total animalier look

A shocking combination: animalier + leather for those who feel like daring to the end.

The blazer … and nothing underneath

The super sexy transformation of the blazer into a mini (very mini) dress.

The 70s tuxedo

With straps and embroidered with lurex thread. To dream of the nights when we danced until dawn.

The knitted dress (very “off the shoulder”)

An exercise in geometric style that has the merit of getting noticed (and keeping us warm).

This piece was published on Vogue.fr

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