It is not the usual outfit with a white shirt: here is our style guide to find out how to customize the iconic garment with jewels and accessories: 4 fashion ideas to re-invent it

Like a painter’s canvas, but this time it’s a wardrobe classic: we’re talking about the White shirt. It can be masculine, romantic, oriental, different stylists have worked with creativity to provide their interpretation. “Never equal to itself, yet unmistakable in its identity”, As Gianfranco Ferrè defined it, the white shirt comes here interpreted and personalized thanks to some fashion ideas that can be easily replicated in your outfit. An extraordinary garment that never stops reinventing itself, always in step with the times and with the latest fashions.

Taffeta, crêpe de chine, organza, satin, tulle, silk or cotton fabrics, lace and mechanical embroidery, hand stitching: here are some tips on how to customize the white shirt, stolen from the stylists and seen on the catwalks FW 2021.


Brooches are a jewel with an ancient charm but particularly versatile. We usually use them on coats or jacket lapels, but nobody forbids you to pin them on the collar. The larger models are perfect for adorning the chest, used as precious bra that emphasize the feminine curves.

Also worth trying are the bijoux sets that include sets of brooches in midi and maxi sizes, accompanied by important chandelier earrings.


The collar is a focal point: check out cardigans, dungarees and pinafore dresses. It visually defines a frame, a meeting point between the face and the look, for this reason it captures attention. After closing the last button, you can wear one necklace a round neck that passes exactly under the collar, thus becoming an elegant light point. One detail does not exclude the other, therefore.

Creativity can also be expressed through a double collar: above the starched and contained shape, the jewel made of small and white pearls and characterized by a small pendant appears. The severity of the look is in contrast with the desire to free oneself from sartorial constraints.

Dolce & Gabbana

The look we have selected sees a white jacket as the protagonist but what strikes us is the spasmodic use of very long sautoir necklaces that dangle from the neck and cross the body like a shoulder strap. Imagine this styling with a white shirt: the effect will be majestic…!

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