We interviewed Suki Waterhouse, guest of honor in the front row at the Dior show

There is also Suki Waterhouse in the prestigious home parterre that Dior gathered to applaud the latest work signed by the creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, one fairytale collection revealed to the world – as current customs want – through a special video, made by Fabien Baron. A collection “nothing short of magical“To use the words of Suki, kidnapped, fascinated by the world she loved so much as a child and which now lives on in the short movie shot at Palace of Versailles, “perfect stage”Of the dream imagined by Chiuri herself.

Born in 1992, the London model and actress has long been very close to Dior, with whom she shares a love for that aesthetic elegant, feminine and contemporary which in recent years has made it ideal ambassador for the brand. In fact, both on the red carpet and in the off duty version, Suki never misses an opportunity to show off the maison’s garments and accessories. When we meet her, during the preparations for the highly anticipated virtual front row, we talk with her about fashion and style, about how much we miss the fashion shows and all her favorite pieces from the new Dior collection.

The exclusive Q&A with Suki Waterhouse

What are the 5 items that cannot be missing in a woman’s wardrobe?
For me it should be a white or pastel coat that you can always count on for elegance, a perfect fit T-shirt, a shirt, a vest and a beautiful belt to always tie everything together.

If you had to choose a Dior bag to carry forever with you which one would you choose?
The Dior Tote bag. I would like the Palms embroidery because it is so beautiful and evocative – and if I really have to carry it with me forever, then I believe the larger size will be needed!

This season you attended the Dior show from home, what do you miss most of the fashion week period?
I miss the fashion show performance aspect. I love the drama of a show, it’s thrilling when everyone gets involved together at the same time. The fashion shows are always very short but in that precise moment you are totally transported to another world.

What are you wearing today for the show?
I’m wearing a pre-fall 2021 Dior jacket in light gray wool and silk, with black wool and silk spring summer 2018 trousers, paired with a pair of Dior sandals and the Caro bag in black leather. I love this outfit because it is also very versatile and comfortable.

What are your favorite pieces from the new Dior collection?
The setting of the Palace of Versailles, combined with the mirrored background, was the perfect stage for Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest collection, nothing short of magical. I really felt like I was going back to the fairytale worlds I loved so much as a child. It would be difficult to select just a few favorites, but red coats with capes have always fascinated me – I feel that, now more than ever, in our lives we are all experiencing a sense of fairytale and romance.

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