Penelope Cruz took part in the Goya 2021 Award, which took place at the Soho CaixaBank Theater in Malaga on March 6th. For the occasion, the gorgeous actress wore a long black dress, with embroidered satin bustier and illuminated by appliqués Chanel, maison of which he is ambassador.

This is a long dress from the Chanel Métiers d’art 2020 2021 collection.

Chanel Métiers d’art 2020 2021

Penelope Cruz talked to the maison, revealing all the details on the style she planned for the event and on her experience on stage in this difficult period, because it was marked by the pandemic.

Why did you choose this dress? What’s it like to finally participate in a physical ceremony and how does it feel to wear Chanel?

I chose this dress during a rehearsal in Paris a few months ago. I tried different looks and, as always, it was hard to decide why they are all so amazing and special. But I thought this was the right look for this ceremony. I didn’t want to be too dressed, but not undressed either, it’s a special event, and I wanted to be there to support our industry, cinema. It’s the perfect dress, it’s very elegant, very modern and rock’n’roll, like Virginie herself and everything she does, and I feel so comfortable, like I’m wearing jeans.

What fascinates you about the Métiers d’art collection?

The attention to detail, the ‘artistic’ way of working, the fact that I have been lucky enough to know so many people at Chanel since 1999 when I attended my first show. Whenever I have been able to visit the ateliers, I have made friends with some of the seamstresses I admire very much, some have been in the company for more than 40 years! When you see everything up close, you have even more respect and admiration not only for the talent of Virginie and Karl before her, but for the fashion and hard work behind it, the crazy hours, the passion and dedication of all. the people involved. Chanel is a big family. And I have attended the Métiers d’art shows, they are always very special.

What do you like about Virginie Viard’s creations for Chanel? How do you relate to her vision of fashion?

She designs with women in mind, not with herself. It tastes amazing, I love what she likes, but she is very generous when she creates, think about what is beautiful but also about what is practical and what will make you feel good when you wear it. It’s really rock’n’roll and I love that side of it. And I love that when I walk up to her after a show, and start complimenting her, she blushes. I love humble people, hard workers. He has been there for more than 30 years, being Karl’s right hand. I could not imagine anyone in his place, he is making incredible collections. It simply represents the essence of Chanel. She is Chanel through and through and, at the same time, every single piece she creates is completely new.

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