The look of Meghan Markle for theinterview from Oprah tells something really interesting that goes beyond the words said and the phrases pronounced by the same couple. We have seen it with the dress with lotus flowers by Giorgio Armani, with the Cartier tennis bracelet that belonged to Lady D: today we talk about another detail, the aquamarine necklace. Because nothing has ever been left to chance and not even now, precisely on the occasion of such a crucial appointment: we know well the gossip and the precise analysis of every color, fantasy or stone flaunted, as well as the importance of messages left in code to be delivered directly to the royal family or the public.

The necklace stands out at the neck Colette of the designer Pippa Small, a gold and aquamarine piece that Meghan wore once before, during Sussex’s 2018 royal tour of the Oceania region. Both its inconspicuous style and the fact that the Duchess has worn it previously suggest simplicity and practicality. And, given that Meghan Markle copes with new criticism received for wearing earrings given away by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, the choice of this sustainable jewel seems to be sharp and in line with his ethical philosophy, even before getting married. But not only.

We have to consider the number of charms: three aquamarines stand out on the gold chain, one large, one medium, one smaller, plus a drop that is about to be born. A reference to their family?

Last detail, but not least, the meaning: the aquamarine is the “stone of courage”And communication because it helps to allay anger. It is worn to help withstand pain and gives himself to wish a happy marriage. Here that choker is not just an aesthetic detail but a choice designed just for the occasion.

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