Royals are racist. The Duchess said so Meghan Markle during the interview with Oprah who will go down in history as one of the biggest j’accuse never moved to the royal family from the times of Diana’s interview to the BBC. Perhaps even worse, because the revelations made by the Duchess of Sussex and the prince and the whole royal family have been many and wide-ranging. Meghan accused the royal family of lying to her, that life with them had brought her to the brink of suicide and that “The Institution” then denied her help and other things. that we have told in this article. But most of all Meghan said the royals have always been prejudiced against her and her family. Which then, apparently, also resulted in racism.

“They were worried about Archie’s skin color.” Words are like boulders. And those of Meghan are already weighing like whole mountains on the reputation of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and all the other royals. Also because, according to what the Duchess says, the possible color of Archie’s skin would have led the royal family to “exile” the whole family of Harry and Meghan. “Against all protocol, they told me that they would not give Archie the title of prince and deny him the protection that would derive from it.” In short, between the lines, Meghan suggests that a non-“white” prince would have been a problem for the royal family: in fact, we are talking about an accusation of outright racism.

A very serious accusation of which Harry is well aware so much that he did not want to add anything to his wife’s words. One thing, however, the prince wanted to emphasize and perhaps he says more than what the microphones have recorded. Referring to the talks he had with his family regarding Archie’s possible skin color, Harry says he has no intention of bringing them back or ever wanting to. But he admits: “I was shocked.”

We are waiting to find out what the royal family’s reactions will be. Because, we are sure, there will be. They will really be there.

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