We wondered why the royal family was worried of the interview by Meghan and Harry with Oprah Winfrey enough to put in place a series of countermeasures. Now we get it. In the two-hour special that aired Sunday March 7 on CBS, Meghan and Harry have told their truth, all their truth. And, indeed, it is an uncomfortable truth. At times terrible. Here are all the revelations made by Harry and Meghan to Oprah’s microphones.

Meghan accuses the royal family of racism

“They were worried about my son’s skin color.” Of all the accusations made against the royals, this one will probably go down in history. If on the one hand the Dukes of Sussex always speak with extreme respect of Queen Elizabeth II, on the other hand they do not spare broadsides of incredible violence. Starting with the accusation of racism against all royals. But there is more: according to Meghan, the color of Archie’s skin was what would have led the royal family not to declare him prince “also taking away the protection that would have derived from it”. Harry refused to say anything else on the subject, but said he was shocked by the arguments he had with his family.

Meghan thought about suicide and was not helped.

Meghan on Oprah’s microphones

“At one point I even thought about suicide,” Meghan said, referring to the days spent in the royal family. A statement that will cause a sensation especially because, in the face of this, the royal family is “The Institution“they refused to help her.” I asked for help and the HR of the royal family replied: “I see how bad this situation is but we cannot protect you because you are not a paid member of the institution.”

Meghan accuses the royals of being liars.

“I have only one regret: having believed in the royal family when they told me they would protect me.” The thought, not even to say it, goes directly to Diana, evoked several times during the interview even with the bracelet that Meghan wore on her wrist throughout the interview that comes from the Princess’s collection.

Meghan and Harry are expecting a baby girl.

Among so many broadsides and bitterness, even a sweet note. Harry and Meghan have revealed that they are expecting a baby girl. “Having a boy and then a girl, what more can you want?”. Harry said during the two-hour interview. Harry and Meghan’s baby girl will be born in the summer.

Carlo has stopped talking to Harry.

The royals during the Trooping the Color

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“After he figured out what I was going to do, my dad stopped answering my phone.” If of the queen, Harry and Meghan always speak with respect calling her into question very few times, there figure of Charles instead he comes out really badly from the interview of the former royals. According to what was told to the microphones of the royals, Carlo would have then cut all funds to Harry in the first quarter of 2020.

Meghan: “Kate made me cry.”

Meghan also talks about the relationship with Kate and the episode from which the tabloids had caused disagreements with the royal family. According to the press, Meghan would make the Duchess of Cambridge cry in the days before her wedding due to some problems with the bridesmaids’ dresses. “It was the other way around. It was Kate who made me cry,” says Meghan, adding yet another detail that will make us discuss. According to Duchess of Sussex, when the story was reported by the tabloids, Kate could have disproved it. And he never did.

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