In international women’s day, Giambattista Valli celebrates the free woman with the collection autumn winter 2021 2022. Here the beautiful is consecrated and exalted Pauline Bonaparte, portrayed by Canova as Venus Winner, e considered one of the most beautiful and sensual women of her time. An unforgettable chic and unconventional figure who dared and pushed beyond the limits of a certain decorum imposed by the society of the time “a young woman with a proud gaze, free from conventions often portrayed by a carnal sensuality“, recalled the designer. A strong goddess like Athena, powerful like Hera, sensual like Aphrodite.

To the neoclassicism all the kinetic force of the 60’s. The models-actresses show the different shades of the female soul through a punctual use of black and white that softens with elongated, light and pastel images and silhouettes.

Extreme and dynamic mini combined with marble platform that become pedestals collide with the column dresses covered with sequin embroidery: this apparent aesthetic contradiction expresses the desire for expression, freedom and energy that we are all cradling in this last year. There is no shortage of look layers, where the long is expressed texture story by Giambattista Valli between light and fluid fabrics, thick and monastic wefts.

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