It was the Festival of stylist, many have said it, I repeat it too. Sanremo 2021 was in fact characterized by look reasoned, with more or less irony. And yet no one – in my opinion eh – has yet touched the apex of Anna Oxa in 1999, the peaks were very high.

All this tells me good obviously because a good one outfit, to give the best of himself, it must be accompanied by beauty look of equal stature. And so it was: Sanremo 2021 more than other years involved big players make-up and hairstyling professionals who have been able to perfectly balance the latest news in make-up and hair with a certain retro flavor of the Festival.

I think about Greta Agazzi, Mr Daniel, Andrea Soriga, Simone Belli and his team, Salvo Filetti, Chantal Ciaffardini, Paolo Antonini. Without forgetting of course the great MUAs and hairstylists brand present at the event as Yves Rocher, Dior, Lancôme, Gucci Beauty, YSL Beauty, Armani Beauty, Wella, Toni & Guy, L’Oréal Professionnel and Cotril.

Below you will find our favorite beauty moments of Sanremo 2021. All good, anyway.


In jargon they are called soap brows and although the original technique wants the eyebrows defined with soap (details here), some prefer ad hoc products and hair gels. The result though – arches comb up and stop there, forever – it must remain the same. IS Gaia is a great example of this. To achieve this masterful look Mr Daniel with the products Lancôme.


It may not meet everyone’s favor, but undoubtedly there mileage tail exhibited by Elodie during his medley remains undefeated. Hairlook made by Andrea Soriga.


I admit that I have been in trouble: thebicolor eyeliner (black and white) sported by Arisa during the fourth evening it was the work of a miniaturist, things that we humans … But in the end he got it Francesca Michielin also for consistent style looks Lucy Boynton. The award goes to the graphic design of the fourth evening (the makeup looks of the singer are signed by Yves Rocher).


It will be there blush? The illuminant? Stardust? There is so much talk about the super glow make-up of Madame – created by Greta Agazzi – that on social networks there is a sort of “full bets” on the products used. Many, for example, point to know Glassy by Espressoh. Certainly those of the first evening were Dior.


We talked about it profusely also because, the beauty look of Matilde Gioli we saw it made live from Raffaele Schioppo of Simone Belli’s team. The products are the protagonists Armani Beauty of which we pay attention to the Eyes to Kill stellar 1 eyeshadow for this glitter effect.


Would we do it? Maybe not. Unless it’s Kylie Jenner who, it must be said, did something similar. Having said that the Blue Angel-colored hair in combo with the butterflies makes us daughters of Loredana Bertè in total adoration.


Annalisa does not want it but there Noemi’s fiery red hair has no equal. Halfway between Julianne Moore and Lucy Ball, this hair color really is there reference absolute for the nuances ginger.


A choice of field, that of the red color, dictated by the text of the song proposed by Coma Things. And so Francesca Mesiano’s make-up is characterized by eye shadows, eyeliner and glitter that frame the look of red. We left our hearts on this first night creation. A mention also to the mullet extreme version. The beauty look, in its entirety, is signed Fabio Cicerale.


From crisp as I dream of the hair of all MÅNESKIN, made during the Festival by the Artistic Team of Toni & Guy in collaboration with L’Oréal Professionnal. Closed hair brackets, the focus goes on that 70s makeup Chantal Ciaffardini made with the products YSL Beauty. The mix of pink and green eyeshadow is super groovy.


Valentino hot pink dress with coordinated glove and fur. Thank you Veronica Lucchesi de La Representative of List this is being en pendant that we like and enjoy. A mention also to the cut, realized by Except Fillets with the Compagnia della Bellezza team characterized by a fringe queer pop as his own Filetto wanted to define it.

The List Representative

© Mondadori Portfolio


There maxi braid, the absence of eyebrows, the eye make-up that endlessly mixes graphics and shades. The homage of Achille Lauro to Mina will remain in history and, in our opinion, beats the moment in class Velvet Goldmine – complete with tears of blood – of the early evening. All makeup is made with Gucci Beauty products.

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