Tips and style mistakes to avoid to enhance large breasts

The sweetness of the curves that extend over the chest and take on their natural shape: round, bell-shaped, slender and even hollow. The otherwise in different eras, it has become a symbol of the joy of living, immoral sins and full fertility. Forbidden, sensual or maternal: this part of the female body has always aroused considerable interest among writers, poets, sculptors, painters and even directors. A subject that has become a a sign of eroticism released from the male gaze.

Eva Green in The dreamers and The Venus de Milo

Beloved, therefore, often envied, does not mean that the large and generous breasts it is not tested by fashion: finding the right necklines or, more simply, the right fabrics is not always easy. But once you know some tricks (including tips and style mistakes not to commit) you will discover that you have several possibilities without necessarily having to give in to exaggeration and exhibitionism. A handful of centimeters can make a difference, just like the two divas did Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield when, on the occasion of the Paramount party in 1957, the Italian actress looked with doubt at that important neckline that highlighted the junoesque breasts of the American showgirl.

Style mistakes not to be made

  • Too deep “V” necklines (those that reach the waist)
  • Round neck garments
  • Tops and dresses that feature ruffles and ruffles on the top of the garment
  • Thick fabrics and worked wools
  • Ribbed fabrics
  • Bralette
  • Multi-layered look

What to wear

  • “V” necklines not deep, American and square
  • Sweet life
  • Male shirt left unbuttoned
  • Lightweight fabrics
  • Crossed garments, from cardigans to wrap dresses
  • Short tops and t-shirts
  • Close-fitting garment below and important outerwear above
  • Emphasize the waistline

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