Boby Saffron trolley, design Joe Colombo for B-Line.

The more time passes, the more we understand the exact measure of the design thinking of Joe Colombo (1930-1971). These exact 50 years that have passed since the Milanese designer’s death, all the evolutions / revolutions, the progress that has taken place often seem, seen now, looking at his products that had already been perfectly understood by him. Often speaking of Columbus, it is customary to define him prophet, visionary which implies something mystical if not irrational, while in fact its design remains an example of clarity and coherence of vision, the result of a deep and fast analysis of the problem followed by the immediate elaboration of the most rational and efficient.

It is no coincidence that many of his projects are still on sale and with success, while others are being resumed and re-proposed. Example of uninterrupted production is the Boby trolley designed in 1970 and faithfully crafted ever since Injection molded ABS from B-Line. Then he won the 1971 Smau prize and rightly is in the collections of the MoMA as well as the Milan Triennale. Available in 4 heights (from 315 to 945 cm.), It can be taken for a walk where it is needed – home, office, studio, shop… or even all together (given the new home + work mixes), wherever a multiple container is needed. It is a real machine for ordering, dynamic, thanks also to the trays of different heights and rotating on an axis placed on a corner. That it is an “iconic” piece seems to want to reaffirm also the finding of it on the cover of the new catalog raisonné “Joe Colombo”, created by Ignazia Favata for Silvana Editoriale. B-Line, which last year launched the Indigo version, for 2021 offers it in a warm saffron color, Boby Saffron, in a limited edition of 300 pieces. And there is a wide choice for the finishes of the shelves, from plywood in various essences, to cork.

Boby trolley in Honey color

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