In terms of hair cuts man shorts shaded it is more and more demanding. The male universe wants them versatile but elegant and above all easy to manage. So, mullet and unruly curls aside, men’s short faded haircuts are back in fashion in 2021. But not only the classic, clean and tidy, alla David Beckham: the shades are innumerable, also combined with central lines, buzz cut and lateral tufts.


The cut of the moment is short, with longer hair on top and with high side steps. The variant with short tuft, which falls to one side, hyper modern. They are sculpted with waxes and gels to leave the two sections well defined, for a neat but impactful look.

Zayn Malik. Photo Getty Images

© John Shearer


The 50s Rock’n’Roll hairstyle evolves. The tuft is voluminous and striking but the protagonists are the side shades, clearly visible on the temple and nape. Also nice for those with naturally hair moves.

Janes Dean. Photo Getty Images

© ullstein bild Dtl.


Equal, with one micro scaling. The cut loved by those who do not like to revolutionize the hair is modernized, worn with an imperceptible tuft, combed or by theallure slightly messy, both backwards and forwards.

Johannes Huebl. Photo Getty Images

© Dominique Charriau


Shave in the center and, even more so, on the sides. Modern, it was the favorite cut on the catwalk because it was practical but cool. Always iconic, however, on Justin Timberlake and John Legend.

Justin Timberlake. Photo Getty Images

© Gary Gershoff

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