New Amsterdam 3: plot, trailer (and a little spoiler)

Netflix of wonders: since the first season of New Amsterdam arrived on the platform, after the passage on Canale 5, the medical drama immediately jumped into the most viewed series, bringing attention back to the medical team of Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold of The blacklist).
In the United States the third season, already on air with the episode “The new normal” (but still without a date of departure in Italy), remains highly anticipated because in fact this series has “predicted” the pandemic, as well as having lived it in full. Even before the arrival of Covid-19, the creator David Schulner had dedicated an episode to a mysterious and lethal virus entitled “Pandemic”: in the midst of the world crisis due to the Coronavirus he then decided not to broadcast it (it could do so in the next cycle of episodes). Now, in New Amsterdam 3, the story resumes one year after the arrival of the Coronavirus in New York.

Ryan Eggold is Dr. Max Goodwin


The future is today

A similar prophetic intuition has frightened not a little, considering also that the new entry Daniel Dae-Kim (Lost) she immediately fell ill on set, making the link between production and the health situation even more terrifying.
When fiction and reality converge in such a bleak and spectacular way there is a step backwards, so the presentation of the new character represented a narrative challenge and in the editing phase the scenes shot were revised and shortened to introduce Dr. Cassian Shin. in a dignified way. The actor, former producer of another medical drama, The good doctor, has experienced first-hand the realism of some script choices. With great serenity and a lot of optimism, he then shared his recovery with the fans.

The origins and the “boss”

Compared to other hospital TV series, New Amsterdam it started from the premise of describing a structure forgotten by the American health system, intended for the last and the less well-off, where the medical staff is underpaid and therefore does not excel in professionalism. The only “star” is the oncologist Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman of The Carrie Diaries), who instead of staying in the ward we see in the first episodes going around conventions and conferences to feed the personal prestige and consequently – he says – that of his workplace. But Goodwin is not the usual bureaucrat in a suit and tie and he does not hide behind a desk sifting through the books: he wears his lab coat all the time and talks to everyone, from the attendants to the patients in the waiting room, because he sees his work as a service and not as a source of power. This is how you win the respect, or rather the devotion, of the staff, and at the same time hit the nerves of the “upper floors”, convinced that healthcare is only a profitable business.

“Max though – explains his interpreter at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival – is not at ease with vulnerability and on the private side it is very difficult to open up. I understand, feeling weak is scary ”. The 36-year-old Californian actor refers to one of the most complicated moments in his character’s life, an emotional loss and a very delicate health problem (no details to not anticipate anything to those who only watched the first season on Netflix).

Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman

It makes him here Freema Agyeman: “There are few professions where you have to trust your colleagues so quickly and totally. In the medical field it is fundamental and, once you have this bond, you feel free and not judged, you create an honest dialogue, but getting naked is not easy ”.

Between these two the public has always hoped for a sentimental involvement because from the first scene together their alter egos sparked. “Max and Helen – continues the protagonist – are not at all similar and yet we see a bond, a certain familiarity, a spark that cannot be extinguished”.
“In fact – says Eggold – the chemistry between two people cannot be explained, it goes beyond rationality, it is instantaneous and total”.

His doctor is not your typical example of toxic masculinity, does not exercise power to gratify the ego, at most it leverages charm to obtain more rights for staff and patients. “If there is one thing for which I too would like to be remembered – confesses the actor – it is kindness, a truly rare and precious characteristic”.

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What about the future?

(SPOILER) The humanity of the characters and the cast meant that the series was already confirmed for another two seasons – for now until the fifth – and that the new series of episodes started right from the hospital’s reaction to the health emergency. Max finds himself – according to the first rumors – having to deal with the separation from his daughter Luna, who he entrusts to the parents of his deceased wife, precisely because of his commitment in the ward. New Amsterdam has always wanted to pay homage to doctors and nurses a little forgotten by the system, who do not have state-of-the-art machinery but spend every day on the last ones. Max always asks those in front of him how he can help him and will continue to do so in the third season. One of the most beloved doctors, Vijay Kapoor (Anupam Kher), contracts the virus, obviously throwing his colleagues into despair. As if that weren’t enough, in the first episode a plane crashes into the East River, adding a new emergency to the one already underway. This is how one of the most empathic and nonconformist psychiatrists on TV enters the field, Iggy Frome (Reaper’s Tyler Labine). The race against time in search of the vaccine continues while the sentimental events of the staff take a decisive role in the background.
As Madam Secretary has shown a more optimistic face of politics, New Amsterdam continues to show a side of healthcare that we all want to see and to live and which now more than ever the public needs to exorcise fear.

Ryan Eggold in New Amsterdam


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